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Black Vs White: Beyonce Vs Ciara Yves Saint Laurent Cage Boots

I wasn’t sure about these shoes at first, but now I’m really feeling them. Lately, there has been a lot of comparison between Ciara and Beyonce, and in my opinion they are both great in their own right. You too can look great during the recession in these YSL Cage Shoes, and it would only cost you a mortgage payment of $1,390…I just may have to wait 3 -4 years until they trickle down to Ross or Marshall’s…

ysl cut out boots ciara beyonce1 Black Vs White: Beyonce Vs Ciara Yves Saint Laurent Cage Boots

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  1. I’m sure Beyonce can afford them! I just don’t know about Ciara!!! They may be rented. :o

  2. it maybe worth a
    mortage payment, or two.
    i need one in each color.

  3. @ That Girl:

    Ciara has an album coming out, I’m sure she worked that into the marketing budget. Let’s just hope it doesn’t work out for her like it did for TLC or Toni Braxton.

  4. @ Ron Ron:

    I will have to wait, I can’t see paying that much for some shoes, I’m sure a knock-off will be available soon. It’s the look, not the price…

  5. Man! Ciara has lovely legs-she must workout!

    Both ladies look good in their $1400 shoes though.

  6. Ciara looks the best

  7. Ciara is the best.

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