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Old School Friday: Songs With Baby In the Title

This was actually fun, there are so many songs that I like with “baby” in the title. It just started bringing back memories. This is the first theme that I have been excited about in long while.  My first choice is Luther Vandross. I can listen to the intro of this song over and over again…

Luther VandrossSince I Lost My Baby

My second choice takes me back to my youth. My first slow dance was to this song, and that’s how I met my first boyfriend, whose name was Gary Coleman. Luckily for me he was tall…

LevertBaby I’m Ready

- AJBklynQueen’86BriaCC GroovyChocl8tCooperShawnDanielle VyasDeeDPFresh and FabHagar’s DaughtersInvisible WomanJohnKeith – Kevin – KimLaKeisha – LaShonda – Lil Creole PimpLisa CMahoganyMalcolmMarcusMartinMarvalusOneMikeMrs. GrapevineMsLadyDeborahPjazzyparPop Art DivaQuickReginaRevvy RevShae-ShaeSharonSJPStaciTamiTha ConnoisseurThembiVérité ParlantVillagerVivrant ThangWheneva WhatevaZenobia -

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  1. LOL @ you and Gary Coleman!

    On a serious note, RIP Gerald and Sean. )-:

  2. Great songs, even tho the post made me a little sad. These guys were all around great singers. RIP.

  3. Great Choices! The Levert song was great! I remember dancing to this, too!

  4. Since I Lost My Baby is a jam by both Luther and the Temptations. I chose the original, but Luther is just as potent! Happy OSF!

  5. Two really good choices.

    These ones with words in the theme always cause me the most trouble. I need to check the list of themes well before the day it is time to post.

    Have a good weekend.

  6. I agree with pjazzy, I love the Temps, but Luther is right up there next to them. Really really good choices.

  7. Happy OSF! Excellent choices. I almost went with your first one. I’m still smiling at your crack on Gary Coleman…

    Prince, Luther and Marvin were all possible choices. However, I invite your blog readers to check out my selection — Smokey Robinson!

    peace, Villager

  8. These are some great picks!

    And as much as I respect Luther’s voice and sensitivity in his singing, I gotta say my vote goes to Levert on this one. They’re both good, and they bring on the soul-stirrin’ feel, but Levert’s just got that grit that his daddy had, and I love that.
    Happy OSF!

  9. Oh, Luther…

    But Gary Coleman though? That made me giggle…

    Happy OSF!

  10. You are so right, great minds do think alike. :D

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