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Jennifer Hudson On The Cover Of Jet; Talks About Tragedy & Love

Anything Jennifer Hudson makes me happy these days. It’s nice to see someone come through tragedy a stronger and better person. If that were me, I would be on the 5th floor of some mental institution sedated. Anyway, Jennifer Hudson covers the April issue of Jet Magazine due to  hit stands March 16. In the magazine she talks about making it through the loss of her mother, brother, and nephew:

“Praying every morning and thanking God for every single blessing keeps me grounded and motivated to be the very best that I can be in everything that I do.”

jennifer hudson jet cover Jennifer Hudson On The Cover Of Jet; Talks About Tragedy & Love

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  1. She looks great. What a beautiful cover! Thank you for letting me know about it.

  2. Now for once I approve of this outfit! minus the lil furry thing on the side. even with it, it’s not a bad look. somebody finally got it right! from hair on down.

  3. Jennifer seems like the most humble spirit walking on earth and she is truly destined for great things in life. She’s a beautiful young woman with so much promise in her future.

  4. Jennifer Hudson is like the most best looking woman I have ever seen, and I just think that Jennifer will do her best to become what she wants to be, and that is a best performing actress and a singer, so I just hope for the best for Jennifer Hudson and her success so far.

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