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I Heard It Thru The Grapevine…Rihanna, Trick Daddy, Chris Brown, Keri Hilson, Foxy Brown

Rihanna was seen house shopping, and walking around town with her shades off, and her head held high. Meanwhile Chris Brown is still sulking like he was the one that caught a beat down…

rihanna house shopping I Heard It Thru The Grapevine...Rihanna, Trick Daddy, Chris Brown, Keri Hilson, Foxy Brown

Keri Hilson ‘Knock You Down’ Video – [Pop Culture Fix]

Tyrese Says Chris Brown Spirits Are Down – [The YBF]

Trick Daddy Has Lupus & Pens A Book [Sister 2 Sister]

Ray J Can’t Pay His Tab; Can We Say “Declined” [Necole Bitchie]

Foxy Brown Has A Blog; Talks About Her Insecurites [Crunk & Disorderly]

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  1. Just now starting to warm to Ri Ri’s now hair; i guess it’s a good look

  2. Yes girl do your thing…I’m feeling the look, the hairstyle…you look like you’re heading for a fresh start. Holla!

  3. I do love the fresh start, but I’m still on fence about the hair…

  4. Rihanna looks absolutely lovely; definitely a lot better than she did when Chris Breezee threw the one-two to her.

    Speaking of Chris, why is he runnin’ around playing the victim role…..he got folks talking ’bout “his spirits are down”, so the heck what man!? I for one could care less about his spirits for what he did to Rihanna; she shoulda put a Stilhetto (sp) heel through his temple for that mess. ……….yeah, I really just don’t feel sorry for him!

    Apparently Lil’ Kim had a Janet Jackson-type wardrobe malfunction on ‘DWTS’ the other night and a tit fell out…..man life sucks!

    I may actually cop Tricks book when it drops-he seems like he has an interesting story and if I can read a 50 Cent bio, then I can definitely check out what Trick has to say.

  5. Marcus:

    Why is Chris acting like the victim, I understand he’s sorry, embarrassed, and feels shamed, but if R Kelly can keep making hits as a rapist pedophile while trials were pending, I’m sure Chris Brown can manage to go on…

  6. Marcus:

    What did you learn about 50 cent that he hasn’t already written in his song or movie?

  7. I agree with Marcus, Rihanna looks fabulous. Sad, but not beat down.

  8. Shae-Shae:

    “beat down”??? Chris Brown looks beat down, not Rihanna. It’s a consensus that Rihanna looks good…

  9. No…..correction. If you’ve seen Chris Brown then you would know that he doesn’t look beat down or depressed. He is however tryin to get on with his life. Leave that kid alone, and let him work his problems out w/o all of the criticizing! Bcuz NONE of you were there. BTW have anyone noticed there is NO mugshot as of yet to be seen!! Think about it!!!

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