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Caption This: Mariah And Nick Carey, I Mean Cannon, In Barabados

We don’t have a caption this contest, but after seeing this picture maybe we should start one. I just want to know what’ s the first thing to come to your mind. I’m going with my second thought because my first one wasn’t so nice. Anyway, the lovely couple of cougar and prey was spotted in Barbados looking all romantic…It looks like Nick has in hands full with this one!

mariah carey nick cannon barbados Caption This: Mariah And Nick Carey, I Mean Cannon, In Barabados

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  1. I was kinda worried about these two at first, but they seem to be in it for the haul, so I can’t hate.

    The cougar/prey set up can work and know this as I’ve dated a woman eleven years my senior and we had a great relationship until I relocated.

    But Nick and Mariah are looking good down in Barbados.

  2. I think MC looks amazing! Nick is having giving MC what i call the “Ashton Effect;” …MC & Demi both look better than ever messing w/ these you men

  3. No words here and my lack of them is not about the age difference. I think you find happiness where you can. I have a friend who pointed out some personality issues regarding MC and that’s stuck in my head. :-)

  4. ‘They loook soo fkn CUTEE/HOT togetherr lol’ NC makess MC soo happpyy and that MAKES me happy seeing MC happy lol i loveeeeeeee herrr and cant wait for the new album DONT FORGET TO BUY IT WHEN IT COMES OUT, Im suree it will be a “STONEGROOVESMASHITWONDER” lol Yayy for MC and NC :)
    I lovee them bothh, FAVOURITE couplee ;)

  5. Don’t care how old she is, she’s still HOT as hell!!

  6. What I was thinking has nothing to do with age. If I wasn’t married I would be preparing for my cougar status as Suga Mama…

    I was talking about all that…

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