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Old School Friday: I Heart Music

Posted by on Mar 5, 2009 in Old School Friday, Videos | 14 comments

I’m going to lead with my second choice because I have a feeling everyone else thought of my first choices. This group is my secret weapon and I have been waiting for the right moment to play Secret Lovers, but the chance has passed me by. So without further ado, I give you Atlantic Star:

If Your “Heart” Isn’t In It

I know the first song that came to my mind as I typed the e-mail was A Heart Is A House For Love, because I have seen The Five Heartbreaks too many times, and I know the rest of you have seen it just as many times. (Yessir, Eddie Cane!) Even if everyone else picks this song, my pick is the original by the The Dells.

A “Heart” Is A House For Love

- AJBklynQueen’86BriaCC GroovyChocl8tCooperShawnDanielle VyasDeeDPFresh and FabHagar’s DaughtersInvisible WomanJohnKeith – Kevin – KimLaKeisha – LaShonda – Lil Creole PimpLisa CMahoganyMalcolmMarcusMartinMarvalusOneMikeMrs. GrapevineMsLadyDeborahPjazzyparPop Art DivaQuickReginaRevvy RevShae-ShaeSharonSJPStaciTamiTha ConnoisseurThembiVérité ParlantVillagerVivrant ThangWheneva WhatevaZenobia -

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