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Update: Rihanna In Hospital With Multiple Injuries To The Face; Chris Brown Hits Rihanna In The Face? Rihanna Injuries Horrific Includes Bite Marks? Pics

rihanna face injuries chris brown beat Update: Rihanna In Hospital With Multiple Injuries To The Face; Chris Brown Hits Rihanna In The Face? Rihanna Injuries Horrific Includes Bite Marks? Pics

UPDATE: This story just keeps getting worst and I hope for Chris Brown sake that he seeks some help. The more that comes out the crazier it sounds. Now sources are saying that Rihanna injuries are “horrific”.  She has two contusions to the face, a split lip, bloody nose, and bite marks on the arm and across the hand. The report says Chris Brown used his fist, and a witness called 911 after hearing Rihanna screams. Rihanna had no intentions of pressing charges. Police have pictures of the injuries, and Rihanna refused treatment on the scene, but later went to the hospital. This has graduated from young and dumb, to psycho…deranged…{read more}

rihanna chris brown before assault3 Update: Rihanna In Hospital With Multiple Injuries To The Face; Chris Brown Hits Rihanna In The Face? Rihanna Injuries Horrific Includes Bite Marks? Pics

[Minutes Before Incident]

According to the EURweb, Rihanna is in the hospital with visible injuries to the face. The marks are serious enough to warrant a hospital stay. Witnesses say, Chris Brown hit Rihanna in the face more than once, took off on feet with the keys to his rented Lamborghini, and left Rihanna stranded and hurt. I do not like to jump to conclusions and I’m trying to give Chris Brown the benefit of the doubt, but as more evidence comes out, it’s not looking good for him. Read the excerpt below:

EUR learned exclusively that she remained hospitalized later Sunday with massive injuries sustained to her face.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, a source close to the investigation has said that Brown was driving Rihanna in his rented Lamborghini through the Hancock Park section of Los Angeles, as published reports have stated, when the two began arguing for reasons that are still not clear.

Tensions escalated and Brown stopped the car on North June Street. The couple got out and Brown allegedly struck Rihanna more than once in the face, leaving her with enough wounds to warrant a hospital stay, according to our source. We were told that Brown ran off on foot after the alleged beatdown and took the car keys with him, leaving Rihanna stranded at the scene.

rihanna chris brown before assault Update: Rihanna In Hospital With Multiple Injuries To The Face; Chris Brown Hits Rihanna In The Face? Rihanna Injuries Horrific Includes Bite Marks? Pics

rihanna chris brown before assault2 Update: Rihanna In Hospital With Multiple Injuries To The Face; Chris Brown Hits Rihanna In The Face? Rihanna Injuries Horrific Includes Bite Marks? Pics

[Night Before Incident]

You can definitely tell Rihanna was upset when leaving, Chris Brown was trying to play it cool. Word of advice, after this incident please go your separate ways. Obviously this love is just a little too passionate for the young lovebrids to handle, and things can only get uglier from here.

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  1. Man! I can’t believe he did that! What a scumbag and he definitely deserves the ultimate punishment! His career is over and all this awesome ratings were flushed away after this mess

  2. this is serious ihave heard and seen and brown is gonna pay big.

  3. i heard he hit her because she qave him a std. i know damn well if someone qave me a std i will do the same thinq.

  4. I cant believe it! I still have mixed feelings about this situation though. Chris Brown treated Rihanna like a princess he bought her everythhing. I took one look at those two and I just knew that they were not even going to last. She deserved it she probobly said something or was complaining about his sense of style or whatever but i would have done the same thing cause Karma is a bitch. Forget Rihanna I still love Chris though dueces!

  5. bubbles:

    I hope he doesn’t pay too much, he’s been a victim of abuse himself, he’s on 19, and I’m sure he will do whatever it takes to do right

  6. Chris is a lovely person, he loved Rihanna 2 bits! she had to have given him a gud reason 2 hit her, even tho i dont think he wud! but i think that, rihanna, bein the stuck up bitch that she is, she probably did deserve it!
    I think everyone shud stick by chris no metter what, hope this doesn’t detroy his career, he was born 2 perform, love emma x

  7. Suki:

    I heard that too, but I can tell you it’s a false rumor, and unconfirmed…People will use this moment to create some salacious claims. We don’t know the reason, all we can do is speculate. That rumor was developed because Rihanna had what looked like a cold sore on her lip….

  8. at the end of the day it is between both chris and rihanna but I hope they can both get over it n go der seperate ways!

  9. o dats gud, im glad, bcus its a horrible thing 2 hear but, bein in the spotlight as a couple must be so hard, I hope they can go their seperate way and sort things out!

  10. If Chris Brown hit your daughter would you say Aww he loves you baby, no you wouldn’t, so fuck CHris brown with his Ike Turner ass. I’m from VA, and hitting a woman is a no-go, PERIOD!!!!

  11. I have to admit that I’m really seeing Chris Brown in a different light now. I never claimed to be a fan of the kid, but for him to physically assault a woman is not going to win him over many fans and may cost him some as well.

    As a man who has been physically assaulted by a female before, I know how hard it is to walk away, but it’s better to have done that, than to put my hands on a woman with the intent to hurt her-some things just don’t need to be done.

    In the end, Chris deserves whatever punishment her recieves and hopefully will know never to do such a dispicable thing again.

  12. Marcus:

    Where have you been?

    I’m just reserving judgment until I get more facts. I’m not about to label him a wife beater after one known incident, and with his background, I’m sure it’s eating him up. He’s 19, that’s not an excuse, but that is young in the head. I don’t condone hitting a woman, it sounds like he tried to walk away according to the witness, but she grabbed him and wouldn’t let him go, it went downhill from there.

    I feel bad for both of them, it’s serious, and people need to reserve judgment on both sides. Wrong is wrong, but there are definitely different degrees of abuse.

  13. Well i think that no matter what a women does or says to a man he should never resort to physical violence. PERIOD. I was a huge Chris Brown fan and he has officially lost me if this is true. If he was so worried about an STD or her cheating on him he should have moved on, because hitting a female is not acceptable. Im with Ricky Woods….

  14. clnmike:

    STD is also not a reason to hit a woman, I think people are defending Chris Brown because they don’t feel like it’s in his character. I think people are defending Rihanna because she is a woman. There relationship has been volatile and both men and women need to be responsible for knowing when to walk away. At some point, somebody should have said enough already. I can see both sides, but all I know is they both need to know when to say when, and I’m going to say it for them, WHEN!

  15. clnmike:

    I do think agree with you on the young and dumb and that is what this is about. Two careers can be over, I think Natalie Cole said it best, in this business it not unexpected, and that’s sad.

  16. I be glad when the two come out and put an end to this media circus, her injuries are upgraded to horrific, and they were seen together the next morning. WHAT!!!

  17. dat whore diserved it i bet you she fuked around with chris brizzle and got her fizzle for fukin up

  18. What the hell is rong with that chris brown he is fucked up in the head

  19. Chris Had His Own Reasons For It So Shurreh Sayin Tings Bou Em , Nd No Matter Wa She Done She Didn Deserve To Be Bet That Bad But Shit Happens He Probley Didnt Mean For iT To Get Outta Hand Bu It Did , And Dont Start Goin Awh His Career Is Over And All Nd Hes A Dickhead Coz U Dont Know Him Nd He Will Still Always Have Fans I Feel Bad On Both Of Them There Clearly Goin Through Alot So Stick To Yir Own Business Nd Stay Out Of Ders Coz Its Nothin To Do Wit AnyOne Except Them x

  20. Omg ! i can’t believe it

  21. Regardless of what Rihanna may have done (giving him an STD, which is still a rumor or whether she was cheating or if she started the argument and pulled on his shirt) she did not deserve to be hit and neither does any other woman for that matter. Chris Brown was never one of my favourite artiste but from the moment he hooked up with my fellow Barbadian girl I started to give him notice but this is totally unacceptable…..he needs help. Seriously!!! I pray our Ri Ri is ok and that she seriously considers leaving Chris Brown because she is worth more than this. I hope she makes it a priority to speak to other young woman about her situation and she should not be ashamed either because she is not the first neither will she be the last. But being in an influential position she may be able to save someone from an unfortunate ending.

  22. wow i cant belive that chris brown would do something like that just because of a break up or not. rihanna is too good for him anyways hes too stupid to be her boyfriend. i hope that she is well and i wish the best for her.

  23. OMFG!
    Whaaat the hell!
    I feeel Sorry for Rihanna, after what happened,
    Bitee marks?? Wtf!
    Well, Get well soon for Rihanna. Aannd I just hope Chris can get his career back on track after this cas i LOVEE his songs! :D

  24. Chris brown and Rihanna are maddly in love and they are young rich and crazy. Rihanna will withdraw charges later on,after realizing that her lov for her boy is real regardless of what went down just minutes before the Grammy Awards. We all know that these two are competing and sometimes two partners competing against each other may result to a few problems. these two just need to take it easy and needs a lot of help and counseling before its too late.. Rihanna needs big time protection for her music career and staff like boy friend and girlfriend should’nt get into her way out of the grammy’s or what’s so ever. Rihanna has talent in the music industry and we want to see her grow forthe next 40 to 50 yrs to come..representing black lov and Hip hop all the way.. May God bless Rihanna and make her realize her that her career is just begining and she should’nt fuck it up.. just like how most musicians end up smoking drugs and waisting their talents.. peace main..

  25. chris brown isnt a bad person!!

  26. he is just a kid and he rly just needs angermangement classes!!

  27. CHRIS BROWN i dnt care i still love u and i still support u. i nvr liked Rihanna anyways and she is not that serious. She a sleeze and she gave him an STD…Herpes to be exact and that is with you for life. I feel as though if i were a man i would of beat her too. She had no right in sleeping around and if she got it before she was with him then she should of told him. She is messing wit Chris Browns career and i dnt appreciate it. i still support him no matter what and she got hers. They need to slpit and keep it moving. CHRIS BROWN IF U READ THIS BY ANY CHANCE JUST KNOW THAT I REMAIN A FAN OF YOUR AND ALL THIS WILL BLOW OVER. IF PPL TURN AGAINST U THEN THEY REALLY ARENT A FAN AND U DNT NEED SUCH NEGATIVITY IN YOUR LIFE.YOUR YOUNG AND FAMOUS AND YOU HAVE SO MUCH TO LOOK FOR. THESE LIL BEZZES AINT BOUT NOTHIN AND U CAN HAVE WHOEVER U PLZ…..goooooo C.B….all the way baby!!!!!!!!woooooooohhh… :-)

  28. Contemporary pop culture has lionzed the gangster mentality and has sacrificed many a dark–and not so dark–skinned woman on its alter. Relationships are, indeed, complicated–the same person you loved one day is your mortal enemy the next. That’s the human condition. Let’s hope that this young woman heals and this brother seeks restitution in himself, his fans, and the society in which he lives. The media amazes me. Jennifer Hudson’s family members are brutally murdered and all but forgotten about by the media. This kind of thing routinely happens in neighborhoods all across this country. Who the hell cares? The victims are not famous. Young people of color need to understand that loving someone is hard work and special and should not be trivialized by fake gangsta rappers and pop singers. Why? Because no one will give a damn about either one of them when they cannot make money for the industry.

  29. well i think it wrong cause chris should never touch a woman both at the same i happy cause his single

  30. and i alomost forgot rihanna go back 2 ur country n dont come back if u do i will….


  32. Rihanna caused Chris Brown to wreck his lambo because she was hitting him in the balls and face. First off the bitch could have caused someone to get killed in the first place. Second he was trying to walk away when she kept assaulting him and then he hit her. I don’t condone hitting women in any way, but are you really going to label him a girl beater for defending himself.

  33. Im a fan or Rihanna and Chris Brown and its a shocker Chris would do something like this. but no one knows the whole story rather rihannan or chris who started it first. i mean it doesnt matter who started it first. But chris should not of ever hit her in the first place. But no matter what im still going to be a fan or Rihanna and Chris Brown. and hopefully they will get threw it. Rihanna stay a strong girl you can do it. And Chris Brown no more hitting a women someone you love..thats not cool.And RIhanna is not a hoe and does not have any stds. I never heard of that girl being with differnt guys and trust me the media would put it out there. Rihanna apparently only been dating Chris brown that i know of.

  34. Ummmm no he wouldn’t put his hands on me no boo boo he needs to fall back with all that why would a guy put his hands on a girl any way ?? that’s just stupid and it’s a law i think ohhhh noooo boo boo FALL BACK

  35. I still can’t believe these stories, why would Chris Brown hit Rihanna in a public place were there is people around to witness. He is a teen idol after all common sense people.

    Second off I heard that Rihanna has been abusing the poor guy since the beginning of the relationship. She constantly boss him around, smack him and checks his phone. Now that she has given him std’s he probably finally had it. And whne he told her he wanted to break things up, she lost it and that’s when they went at it.

    I’m not saying she deserved it, because no women she endure such pain. But that caribbean girl is wild, jealous and insecure.

  36. Well i think all the people on here who r saying that they still like chris brown, and rihanna deserved it need a good f***ing punch of a bloke them selves, you stupid naieve immature people, Howwould u feel if it was your mum or sister who had been put in hospital. You type of people r the people that deserve to get beaten by your boyfreinds, and no1 should show sympathy! and maybe your freinds will say ” Hes still a sweetheart!” Get a GRIPPPPPPPPPPPP and GROWWW UPPPPP.

  37. men are assholes and woman are flowers. may the woman of the field sprout and flourish. and may the man poop.

  38. its loada crap just rumours from munee grabbn people! i think chris brown has enuf brains nt too do thtat n effect his career n shdunt b blamed becuz ov a bakground its jus pathetic. women hu claims this jus sum syco lady an rihanna well i havent seen no proof shes hurt n tha so no facts of it jus LIESS!

  39. Hope they don’t turn into Whitney/Bobby Brown……just sayin!

  40. Chris Brown really fucked up his life he need to get with the program.Even though I love him he needs to cool it touching a girl like dat.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. omg! i can’t believe he would do that he’s a coward rihanna should sue him for everthing he has but she won’t because she has a good heart and fuck whoeva hates her go to hell cock hunters

  42. This is such a shocker i am a huge Chris Brown fan and have to say never thought Rihanna was good enough for him because she always seems like a moody bitch. but you should never hit a woman! i just find it so hard to believe he would do something like this when in his interview with tara banks he confessed about his stepdad beating his mum and he said he would always treat a woman right.
    I’m not goin to judge untill i no the full story and i don’t no about the STD being true. Just hope Rihanna is okay and Chris Brown gets some help because hes in a bit of shit here and i want him to carry on the way he was cos i don’t want to loose him as an idol but looks like i will.

  43. Puppy love gone terribly wrong. Best of luck to these two.

  44. Coward…..how could you’ve done that to her! you deserve to go to jail, with no bail

  45. we shouldn’t go nuts at chris brown, i mean snoop dogg is famous for doing drugs, being in porn films, and i bet he’s hit a few women in his time, but there’s no big discussion on whether his music should be pulled from radio stations etc.
    there are sooo many rumours around about what happened that night, some are absolutely crazy, like rihanna having bees on her face so chris hit her to get them off, you can’t believe everything you read and almost 100% of these stories will be fake.
    No-one knows the facts about what exactely happened so people should just butt out and leave them to sort this out for themselves, your not helping them get through this by making up shit and bitching about either chris or rihanna. They are both extremely talented and neither one of them is “to good” for the other.
    !.Just. Leave. Them. Alone.!

  46. seriously you guys, who knows what they were fighting about? me? personally? right now, im with Chris. Just so everyone knows, it was said thatv Rihanna also ripped the earing out of his ear, and also that, she started the fight ny elbowing him, so if you look at the situation straight, she started it. But yes, it was wrong to abuse her and then leave her strandard and hurt, with no imediate medical attention, and all you Team Rihannas out there, you have nothing to worry about, sure Rihannas hurt, but Chris Brown will pay in some way sadly. and this iss gonna fuck up his courier too! so stop thinking all about Rihanna and look at his point of view! magine what hes going through? none of his songs on the radio are being played until all the court trials are done and over and everythings decided. his whole courier,love life, and social life is screwed up! Rihanna will get more and more attention from this
    good Luck Chris And Rihanna XxX

  47. Never under any circumstances is it okay for a man to be beating on a woman. It saddens me to hear not just men, but some women excusing the behavior. If a situation gets that bad where a man feels like he might want to hit a woman, he needs to walk away and go cool down. A woman should not accept abuse from a man. Love is not abusive. A man is not expressing love by how often he hits you. A woman must love herself more and realize that she’s not supposed to be a punching bag. The abuser and the person getting abused both need counseling to deal with whatever issues that got them to that point in the first place.

  48. she deserved everything she got…she not only cheated on him but gave him an std and herpes..c’mon..thats not right…maybe she will learn for next time she desides to do something stupid

  49. i just want to see her face after the beating

  50. I think that no one deserved it and i still dont think he did it though and if he did i still love him and hopefully he works things out or god will

  51. Chris has real problems that he MUST rectify. First he publicly disrespected sweet Jordin Sparks now this, the ultimate act of ugliness and disrespect of women. WHO DOES HE **THINK** HE IS? ! Sorry bruhh, I hope your new name is mud. Go get yourself straight cuz you are a woman hater, selfcentered and selfish. Get help chris brown. I was digging you strong til you showed what you believe about women. I wonder what your mom thinks…..Get help Chris, talk about this and dont be a coward. Admit your faults and get help.

  52. Rihanna u dont deserve what u got. He should be locked away for it !
    U should charge him an d tell the police everything. Dont let him get away wit this…..think what he did to you and what he could do to someone else if he tried harder. He shouldnt have been let go the police were wrong. Do something about it! Dont let him get to you. You deserve better then him…everyone knows that..
    DO THE RIGHT THING…love ur biggest fan :]

  53. I remember this like it was yesterday, when i had first heard that chris brown started going out with her a few months ago, i called him on his fan-hotline and was i was like: “Chris, you NEED to dump that ugly monkey NOW. I have a bad feeling your gonna regret going out with her.” and do you see what happened? you went out wit a hoe who got cold sores on her lips! and thats why he hit her. cause she cheated. that unfaithful little monkey tramp! im tired of all this people saying, oh my god, chris is so fucking horrible! but it was rihanna’s fault! she brought that on herself! im not saying it was ok for him to hit her, cause it wasnt, he could have handled that differently, but its not like it was his fault. Rihanna was the hoe and she should pay. not his problem. Well, i just wanted to come on here and say this: Chris, you know you was wrong for putting your hands on her, but Rhianna, you a dirty, nasty, little, monkey hoe and i hope you learn your lesson. That’s all i gotta say. And i’m through with it.
    -rihanna hater fro life!!!! xoxoxoxo

  54. okay look i know hiiting a girl aint rreight but truth is rihanna is a bitch n well she desrves it…. she is not the little princess everyone thinks..shes really shaddy… im sure she did sumthing to him for him to act like dat so every chris borwn hater juz back of kay kay…

  55. okay look i know hiiting a girl aint rreight but truth is rihanna is a bitch n well she desrves it…. she is not the little princess everyone thinks..shes really shaddy… im sure she did sumthing to him for him to act like dat so every chris borwn hater juz back of kay kay…AND IT AINT RIHANNA WHO NEEDS SOMEONE BETTER ITS CHRIS BABY IM HERE…. FUK RIHANNA SHE LOOKS LIKE A MAN NEWAYS!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 S3X1

  56. Damn! chris really messed up. But I am gonna be fair. We all know what he did was f-up and he will pay out of his ass. But I have one thing to say to the ladies please don’t put yourself in a position like Rhianna did. Never should a man beat a women ever! But I seen some ladies get all up in a brothers face and be punching him. Hell no I am not saying Chris was right he’s a punk! but ladies never should you be hitting a man either. Don’t think becuase you are a women he wont be the hell out of you! you don’t know anybody that well. Just ask Rhianna. They both should have called it a night and went home separately.

  57. lolll rihanna is way badly hurt

  58. jenny hu eva you are yur racist bitch get a life ha

  59. I dont know how you can say good to rihanna thats just pure evil. No man should hit a woman no matter what the reason. And for all you sayin he and his mum went through the same thing thats why he should get sympathy is bullshit because thats even more of a reason why he shouldnt get away with what he done because his own mum went through it he should have respect for rihanna. You girls that are saying good to rihanna because you like chris brown are complete idiots,if he will hit her than he’ll damn right do it to you lot, you lot aint nothing compared to her fools. Fairenough she gave him STDs but you don,t know the story behind it,know excuse to hit a WOMAN.people that stick up for him need to go through what she went through. I would laugh at you lot. I used to love him but the whole situation with what happend has put me off. Anyway What goes around comes around he needs to remember that. My view x simone x

  60. I dont know how you can say good to rihanna thats just pure evil. No man should hit a woman no matter what the reason. And for all you sayin he and his mum went through the same thing thats why he should get sympathy is bullshit because thats even more of a reason why he shouldnt get away with what he done because his own mum went through it he should have respect for rihanna. You girls that are saying good to rihanna because you like chris brown are complete idiots,if he will hit her than he’ll damn right do it to you lot, you lot aint nothing compared to her fools. Fairenough she gave him STDs but you don,t know the story behind it,know excuse to hit a WOMAN.people that stick up for him need to go through what she went through. I would laugh at you lot. I used to love him but the whole situation with what happend has put me off. Anyway What goes around comes around he needs to remember that. My view x simone Alisha x

  61. some say that she deserved but that still didnt leave the right for him to hit er that made me made but y did he abuse ir cuz i heard dat it was becuz of herpes and dat she was accused of cheating i wanna noee cuz he might lose a lota fan

  62. jenny u doe sound like a rascist b!tch sayin goe baq to er coutry wtf is up wit dat sh!t

  63. o well rihanna shouldnt have been actin so retarded so who cares niggas need 2 stop comin at c.b like dat cause i wouldve beat her up 2 she so friggin dumb she need 2 stay out of his phone and she wouldnt have found out about da gurl

  64. Chris Brown deserves to get the right punishment. It is not fair that normal people get put in prision and people like him get off free. His reasons for hitting her may have been because she was being stuck up and harsh etc but thats no excuse to hit a girl who ever she is. people defending Chris Brown are only jealous of Rihanna simple as. Jealous that she has got him and he is so hot.. yes he may be good looking but that is no need to defend a thug. and honestly what are the chances that any young girl who hates rihanna because of him would get near the man. well to finish on the topic i think Chris Brown should get the punishment that comes with the charges i hear 11 years i think it should be more..no man has no excuse 4 beating any woman as bad as he did and i used to look up 2 him he was my idol, now hes a failure and a thug :(

  65. Well Let Me Start Off By Saying,Both Rihanna & Chris Brown Are Adults In Which I’ve Grown To Love As A Couple..We(Everybody Especially Fans)Only Can Voice Our Opinion In A Situation That We Will NEVER Know The Whole Truth About..Everybody Goes Threw Up & Downs In A Relationship,Not Saying Spousal Abuse Is Acceptable,But In My Opinion If She(Rihanna Herself)Didnt Or Did Not Have Any Attentions On Calling The Police Herself I Think The Person Who Called Shouldnt Have Got Involved Because In My Opinion I Think If It Was An Ordinary Couple Fighting It Wouldnt Be That Big of A Deal,But Since Their “FAMOUS” & In The Spotlight They Have To Deal With Everybody And There Opinions When Most Are Dealing With Simular Situations At Home And Dont Have A Problem With It..
    So In My Conclusion: I Say Just Let Them Live There Own Lives & Worry About Yours And If U Dont Agree Of What The Accusations Are Just Make Sure You Keep YOURSELF Out Of A Situation Like That..
    Hope Chris Brown & Rihanna The Best Success In There Careers & Hopefully Everything Work Out For The Better..

  66. Man. Its Rihanna’s fault.
    That bitch is dumb.
    C Breezy you still ma babii!
    You can bite me whenever (: lol


  68. iam sooooo happy that chris got in jail

  69. Chris Brown is a peice of shit….i hate him now and he should go to hell!!!

  70. i Dont think jelousy of leona lewis caused this chris treated rhianna as though she was the only thing that mattered in the world so it cant just be his fault and if she’s not pressing charges there must be something she knows that she said to him that would make him do this to her not eveythings out in the open yet so chris shouldnt be instantly put into jail when not all evidence is given in

  71. that is good because she was doing something corron but cris brown is go in out whit my him is my boy friend f love not hate

  72. you are a bitch rihanna

  73. hey chris you should not do that she did not do nothing i dont like you no more meany

  74. i can not believe you hit her please tell me that not true

  75. OMG he is an i hate him he think his self like michel jackson ohhh i hate him 222 who can hit a beautiful and a sexy lady like her she is an amazing i dont think he should beat her like thats she still a human so its a very wrong step so plzz take him to the jail he should go fot 1 year @least :):) ilove you rihana and you need a better person he is a kid and he think him self a funnu he is such a big lose a very big one i know that when he joined MY SUPER SWEET SIXTEEN ahhh i want it to kill him !!! and when i dont rember any award he make a joke and no one lauph about it he such a loser a lot of stuff i love his song but as a person NO!!

  76. thats pictures prolly fake..

  77. wow ! i caant believe Chris wouuld do suuch a thinq ! buut im stil a fan of his and Rihannas ;; annd theyy love eaachotheer , annd theyy shouuld hannq onn to thaat. buut hw shouuldnt of beaat heer likee thaat . buut imm soory , all youu peeoplee ouut theree thaat arre qoinnq foor Chris Brownn ! wow ! youu quuys arre reaally messeed uhpp ! iF youu didnt see heer pictuure , annd if youu did , he shouuld of donne thaat . noow she has to postpone heer concert becausee of himm ! didnt think he wouuld do that , buut imm reallly reaallly suurpriseed at himm ! buut i love his sonnqs annd i love Rihanna ! theey shouuld be luucky of whaat they haave . annd i thinnkn its juust wronq of whaat he did to heer . buut i still think they shouuld qet baack toqetheer . becauusee i donnt think nethieeer of them wouuld wannah loose whaat theey haavve . buut juust GOOOOD LUUUCK to themm booth ;; annd i hope everythinnq woorks ouuut .

  78. Well Chris Brown you are my favorite singer, i don’t know how can you still be but you are but i can believe that some people agree with what you did to Rihanna but that’s not the way i real man should treat a woman no matter what kind of woman is she but just think about if you were her for a moment… no matter what she did to you or you did to her, everybody deserves a second opportunity and if she or he does not change after the second one well a agree don’t give her a third but behave as a man that you are!! And i still like you as my favorite singer, dancer and everthing but examinate yourself VERY DEEP INSIDE and you will realize that what you did was not right!

  79. Ohh i forgot one more thing!! Believe me you are really lucky to have what you have in your life, money, house, food, carrier, car, cloth, you have everything you want to have, don’t waste it, don’t throuhg it way, don’t detroy what life gave you, you better take the best of it and take good advantage of it for your own good and for the ones that sorround you!!! And i am nobody to judge you for what you did and i know you can do better!!

  80. man i agree with that Nazareth girl, man you shoul listen to her she is totally right and you still are a good singer!!!

  81. That’s right i dont even know her i mean that ammmm girl Nazare sorry Nazareth, but she is so right, damn she sounds or writes like she is an awesome, perfect, and admirable girl, hell i want to know her , well back to the point Chris Brown take her advice and i think you shoul tried to meet her really… 4 real tried to meet her maybe you can get something good out of her i dont know how but really do it you have money i mean use it you can travel and that may help you believe me the worl is runninh out of womans LIKE HER, and you rock and i feel great cause i have your same name. well take care

  82. To tell the truth the only person i feel bad 4 is Chris Brown because that Rhianna had 2 do sumtin 2 him to make him go off like that and that is why she aint pressin no d*** charges cu she knw she hit him 1st……………..so i still luv chris brown no matta wat its just rhianna whose fault it is

  83. Chris Brown has a very girly face.

  84. Chris Brown is a good person he does not have a history of violence..cant wait til this is over and he is with a new love.

  85. i think yall whoes trash talkin rihanna is becuz yall jelous her and becuz she was wit chris…but no matter wat its not right for a man to hit a woman and he should be jailed…this incident made me hate him…..

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