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Chris Brown Under Investigation For Fellony Assault Against Rihanna? Chris Brown Bail Set At $50,000

UPDATE: 8:45 PM – Chris Brown has just turned himself into police. Stay tuned, more information to come as it’s released…Chris Brown has officially been arrested, and his bail is set at $50,000…10:42 PM – Chris pays bail and is officially released.

I was watching the Pre-Grammy Red Carpet when this breaking news just came out. After the Clive Davis Pre- Grammy Party, Chris Brown, and a woman that can’t be identified (probably Rihanna) got into a physical altercation that left marks and bruises on the “un-named woman”. Chris and Rihanna appeared happy at the party, but in the limo he and the “un-named” woman began arguing, and the fight escalated. Now, Chris Brown is being charged with felony assault, or allege felony assault. All of this is under investigation, but a report was made against him. Because of the nature of this alleged crime, the woman name cannot be released, but sources did see the couple together. In the last few weeks, it seems the lovebirds has had their share of issues. So let’s hope that the rest of the story comes out, and that it’s all just a big misunderstanding, but from the rumors circulating it seems Chris Brown may have felt the wrath of Rihanna.


Rihanna and Chris Brown have pulled out of the Grammy Awards following an alleged violent incident on Saturday night, Access Hollywood has learned.

The LAPD is currently investigating Brown for assault following an alleged domestic violence felony battery against an undisclosed woman at 12:30 AM on Sunday in Los Angeles.

According to the LAPD, the R&B singer and the woman were in a vehicle on North June St. in the Hancock Park area of LA, where the victim claims an argument occurred. Brown allegedly stopped the car and the woman suffered “visible injuries” and identified the singer as her attacker.

“Mr Brown is a suspect that we are looking for… we would definitely like to speak with him,” a spokesperson for the LAPD told Access on Sunday.

When contacted by Access on Sunday night, a rep for Rihanna said that the singer was “well.” “Rihanna is well. Thank you for concern and support,” the rep said.

A rep for Chris Brown did not return calls from Access. [Source]

rihanna chris brown grammys 01 Chris Brown Under Investigation For Fellony Assault Against Rihanna? Chris Brown Bail Set At $50,000

rihanna chris brown grammys 35 Chris Brown Under Investigation For Fellony Assault Against Rihanna? Chris Brown Bail Set At $50,000

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  1. I don’t know what to say. That’s all some crazy mess.

  2. I hope this is the end of his career. You shouldn’t put your hands on Rihanna, or any girl for that matter.

  3. I am going out on a limb, and I’m going to defend Chris Brown until all of the details are revealed. There are reports that Rihanna was blowing up his phone last night, and I’m like you filed charges, leave the man a long. It’s time they go there separate ways, and chalked this up to lesson learned…

  4. i’d just like to say that no one knows the truth yet so lets all just wait til the truth comes out!! Chris is a good person at heart and we dont know everything….i think that everyone should just stop talking mess bout him!! yes its said that he hit a woman and that woman may or may not be Rihanna, but what did she do to him?? has anyone asked what the woman did to him?? i know its not right for a man to put his hands on any woman, but if she hit him then she has all the right to get hit back!!

  5. I just hope this couple does not turn into a Whitney/Bobby Brown couple!

  6. it is crazy what happened to her and i hope that chris does get help and no man if you are famous or not should never put there hands on a woman regaurdless of what the situation is.

  7. well i think everything is such a mess; however, both of them were wrong and i dnt feel pplz should be sexist about dis situation jus bcaz hes a guy hes still human and if u think about it if any1 attaches u u would not jus stand there das jus ridiculous. we are no longer talkin about if hes a gentlemen or not she was down rite wrong n he did wat his refllex was 2 hit her bak dass all so in my opinion booth were wrong ……

  8. Gute Arbeit hier! Gute Inhalte.

  9. They are both idiots as far as I’m concerned. If she has gone back to her then I feel no sympathy for her. Idiot.

  10. Hey “Everyone makes a mistake”. What a bunch of CRAP!!

  11. I am honestly more shocked at the Kid Rock nomination.

  12. who?s letoya luckett??

  13. chris brown look so dam cute!

  14. i feel sorry for that girl no one deserves that

  15. Same, the Jonas brothers can make any song a decent song .

  16. Poor Chris Brown. That guy can’t catch a break!

  17. Chris Brown has a very girly face.

  18. Chris Brown has a very girly face.

  19. I love you christopher brown

  20. i lovet his so much!

  21. Poor Chris Brown. That guy can\’t catch a break!

  22. OMG!!! i cnt believe dat chris brown wa dating dat bitch i hate her not and 2 top all ma hatred on her she goez dealin wit ma man I HATE YA RIAHNNA AND ALWYA WILL!!! LUV YA CHRIS BROWN AND ALWAYZ WILL!!!

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