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Chris Brown & Rihanna Rumor Control: Fact vs Fiction; Chris Brown Aunt Speaks Out

There has been a lot of rumors going around, and so that Chris Brown isn’t given an unfair trail in the media, which does not mean we condone domestic violence, it just means let’s stick to the facts until both sides of the story is told.

Fact: A witness calls 911 after hearing screams and witnessing a fight between two people.

Fact: The victim files a report and names Chris Brown as her attacker.

Fact: Robyn Rihanna Fenty is confirmed as the victim by L.A. Times, who officially leaks her name to the press.

Fact: Chris Brown turns himself into the police where he is arrested and charge with criminal threats.

Fact: The DA in the case needs more evidence before filing official charges against Chris Brown.

rihanna chris brown grammys 01 Chris Brown & Rihanna Rumor Control: Fact vs Fiction; Chris Brown Aunt Speaks Out

All other reports at this time are just rumors, many of which are false. Chris Brown has not released his version of the events, and the detector on the case keeps the file with him so that confidential documents are not released. I do believe in hearing both sides before making a judgment, however, the rumors that have been coming out are all one-sided. So until an official statement is released from both parties, I will not be posting anymore on this story.

Fiction: Chris Brown did not hit Rihanna because she gave him an STD or herpes. That is just a vicious rumor that started after Rihanna was pictured with a cold sore.

Fiction: The extent of Rihanna injuries are unknown. There have been several media outlets that claim Rihanna had contusions, broken noses, busted lips, bite marks, and hand prints. None of this has been confirmed by authorities or by Rihanna’s camp.

Fiction: Pictures are circulating the blogs that shows Rihanna with facial injuries. These pictures are fakes. The official pictures of Rihanna will not be released because she is a “victim” of domestic violence at this time.

Also Aunt Christine, Chris Brown’s Aunt, called into IPower 92 this morning to clear up rumors, and to express concerns over the case. NicoleBitchie.com has the exclusive, so stop by her site to hear Part 2 of the interview, plus an exclusive interview from Chris Brown’s stepfather….

Listen to Part 1 of the interview below:

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  1. I hope that this problem will be solved soon.

    Gbu both of them.

    Anastasia Faradina Sadikun.

  2. yo wats poppin jus givin a shout out to chris nah mean

  3. Dont blame chris brown yet get the fact straight nd then lay charges no1 saw what might have happend behind that close door now that chris brown is the guy every1 wud think he did it get the true story from both sides then judgment will be made thanx

  4. Why does everyone suddenly lose the ability to type properly and formulate coherent sentences on these blogs? Im sifting through these ignorant ass responses doing research on DV for my job and Im wondering…does know one fucking know how to use a period anymore! Subject, verb, preposition? Did any of yall graduate from HS! GED? anyone? anyone!?

  5. Gute Arbeit hier! Gute Inhalte.

  6. How can he bite her and drive the car? Rihanna is lying through her teeth. Now she has Brown on a leash and he has to do whatever she says.

  7. At least Rihanna got something Chris has never had – a good rap in the mouth.

  8. yall extra?d out on me!!

  9. ohhh nice info

  10. Chris Brown: hateful. Rihanna: pathetic.

  11. its unfaithful but in a jamaica style… shes so cute!!! love her!

  12. chris is a good person he has never been in trouble before leave him alone.

  13. i looove this song!! it definitly stands out!!

  14. I love this song ! It\’s awesome ! :D

  15. The style of writing is quite familiar . Have you written guest posts for other blogs?

  16. we don’t know chris or rihanna and yeah they probably did try to make rihanna look even worse like chris broke her ribs and shit and yeah she probably hit chris first and which made him put her ass in check ain’t know tellin what was goin on she lied on him and told wat he did to her and didn’t tell what she did to him first, because i have a cousin who have never laid a finger on his babies mama and she lies and tells the police that he busted down her door and slammed her to the ground got my cousin locked up for a week for that and he didn’t even see her that day she’s very violent he has no choice but to whoop her ass, and if she ever does hit my cousin he gonna hit her ass back she think she can fight like a dude well get hit like one. and plus if it wasn’t rihanna nobody would care but since it’s rihanna it’s the end of the world. did anybody ever know that actor joe torry right after the chris brown incident beat his wife down? did anybody care about that yeah bet ya didn’t know bout that did ya? exactly. the only reason why people goin crazy over this incident is because it’s rihanna. and don’t blame chris brown for her big ass forhead she was born with it.(LMFAO)!!!!!!!! i hope he fucks up her life like she did his. but then again they need to squash this they whole relationship was probably a publicity stunt.

  17. Where is admin?!
    Thank for all

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