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Old School Friday: Too Hot For Radio

Wow, who chose this theme? I have a lot of songs I could play, but something is telling me they just may be too hot for anything. The only person that’s too hot for words, but safe enough to post is none other than Maxwell.  I would have chose Prince, but we know how impossible he makes it to post a song. My second choice is from the 80′s is Ready for the World.

Maxwell, Til The Cops Come Knocking


Ready for the World, Tonight


-Electronic VillageMs GrapevineQuickMarcus LANGFORDCassandraDanielle -Lisa C -Chocl8tDPKreative Talk -MarvalusOneReginaLaShonda -AJSharonInvisible Woman -Believer 1964DeeSJPsHaE-sHaeSongs In the Key of LifeHagar’s DaughterfreshandfabThembiClnmikeKimpjazzyparKimberlyMalcolm

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  1. This topic immediately made me remember Pete Seeger being censored on the Smothers Brothers show back in the 1960s – not only too hot for radio this song was too hot for television! Smothers Brothers, Pete Seeger, Muddy Waters and a Nobel Peace Prize?

  2. I’m not familiar with that particular song by Maxwell but I definitely remember Ready For the World. They were all 80′s.

    Hold up, let me whipe all that Jerry Curl juice off my monitor. O.K. That’s better.

    Good picks. Check me out mine at MartyBLOGs. Have a great weekend.

  3. Dear Maxwell: Please make a full-fledged comeback!

    This song is about everything I wasnt doing at the time lol…

  4. Ready for the Wold stays with the sexy music…like Kanye said “i play Ready for the World, she was ready for some action” lol

  5. I was having babies when Maxwell made it big and missed the reign of that cutie pie. Enjoyed both picks, and yeah, who picked this theme today? Haha. My blog melted.

  6. I think I’m going to have to write a letter to Maxwell…I need some new music STAT!!!

    Ooh, I wore that RFTW tape out back in the day!

  7. Thanks for featuring some of my favorite music. Maxwell is amazing, especially in concert. Hot, hot, hot! And what can I say about RFTW? They are still on a regular rotation in my collection.

  8. Maxwell is in my I-Pod and I listen to him often…Ready for the World makes you be ready for…

  9. I am not a fan of Maxwell but Ready for the World’s “Tonight” was my song!!!!
    Great choice!

  10. I love that Maxwell song. I am not familiar with him and think I’m going ot have to get that song from i-tunes if available.

  11. @ Regina;

    Oooh, you just broke my heart. How can you not be a fan of Maxwell!?!
    I have to think about that one.

  12. **screaming**
    **passing out** – That was all for Maxwell. :)

  13. that Maxwell… whew… brought back some memories…heheeheheh

  14. Til the cops come Knocking was the first video I’d ever seen of Maxwell’s and I was loving that skinny man, you hear me? LMAO! And that RFTW song was DEF too hot for the radio. That was one of those songs I’d make sure my parents didn’t hear me singing back in the days. :) great songs!!

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