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Old School Friday: Original vs Remakes

I’m so glad it’s Friday. I finally decided on a song. People need to stop remaking songs, because there were so many to chose from. This song is one of my favorites, and I love to hear people singing it. Donny Hathaway is the epitome of soul, and his version will always be the best, but Elliott Yamin of American Idol fame did a nice job. As a bonus, I added Usher’s version as well.

Donny HathawayA Song For You

Elliott YaminA Song For You

UsherA Song For You

-Electronic VillageMs GrapevineQuickMarcus LANGFORDCassandraDanielle -Lisa C -Chocl8tDPKreative Talk -MarvalusOneReginaLaShonda -AJSharonInvisible Woman -Believer 1964DeeSJPsHaE-sHaeSongs In the Key of LifeHagar’s DaughterfreshandfabThembiClnmikeKimpjazzyparKimberlyMalcolm

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  1. YES!!!

    It’s funny though, my favorite remake of this song is done by Damien Hall.

    Happy OSF!

  2. I love love love me some Donny Hathaway. Thank you for this pick!

  3. I may have to add that Donny Hathaway video to my blog just so I can go listen while I blog. I miss him. Donny’s suicide was deeper than tragic.

    Didn’t know Yamin did it on Idol. Wonderful choices, definitely a trip down memory lane with Hathaway.

  4. I think Usher did a great job with this song. It’s one of my favorites off “Here I Stand.” However nothing beats Donny Hathaway’s version!

  5. Elliott’s version is the reason why I fell in love with his voice on AI…I still listen to him (his CD) to this day…everyone needs to listen to a little Elliott…he does this song justice!

    Excellent choice!

  6. I just cannot conceive of anyone other than Donny singing this. They cannot have it. No. No. No. No. No. :-)

  7. This is one of my old time favorites… I love Donnie’s version.. I also agree with Connoisseur.

  8. This is one of those songs where it should be off limits to touch it. There was no need to remake it at all because Donny owned it. Nice selection.

  9. All good…but, gotta go with Donnie!

  10. You blew it up this week sis! WOW! I love me some Donny! His duets with Roberta Flack were so inspirational to me. I don’t care who does a remake, no one came come close to him.

  11. The videos have been removed but luckily I have the CD!! NO ONE, and I mean NO ONE can touch Donny, period, end!

  12. I agree with Rev. This song is not to be touched. No one will ever ever ever do the song any justice. And definitely not Urshur! He destroys any classic he touches. I’m still broken up by what he did on the Luther tribute album. Sigh.

  13. love Jessica

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