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I’m Just Saying: T.I. Preparing For Jail; Jessica Simpson Weight Gain

When I saw these pictures of Jessica Simpson, I was like chick has been eaten. Yes, I had something negative to say, and I still do. Now when Jennifer Love Hewitt gained weight I was upset at media outlets for talking about her weight. She was never the type to flaunt her body or exploit it for the dollar. Jessica Simpson on the other hand, went crazy during Dukes of Hazards, throwing her new slim body in our faces. Selling false images to young girls. I mean she was washing a car while booty shaking in a bikini, for crying out loud. I’m so over the dumb blond act, I hope it’s an act. So now that she has certainly gained some weight we should ease off her. I’m all for curves, and I love women like Beyonce, J-Lo, Tocarra, Kate Winslett; women who have always maintained that curves were beautiful and natural. So if these women have weight issues, I’ll let them slide, but Jessica Simpson, I’ll just have to think about it some more… Is this comic strip funny or not?

jessica simpson comic Im Just Saying: T.I. Preparing For Jail; Jessica Simpson Weight Gain

jessica simpson weight gain1 Im Just Saying: T.I. Preparing For Jail; Jessica Simpson Weight Gain

I know T.I. is on his way to the pen, but what was he thinking. Honestly, who wants that towel! Now I think he’s a cutie, and I appreciated his swag, but this is just not right. Like Rachel Maddow says, “Please somebody, talk me down.”

t i vegas Im Just Saying: T.I. Preparing For Jail; Jessica Simpson Weight Gain

t i vegas21 Im Just Saying: T.I. Preparing For Jail; Jessica Simpson Weight Gain

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  1. Those pants are NOT flattering on Jessica. And ummm, ya – she’s been eating alright.

    As for T.I. **no comment** smdh

  2. Wow, mean cartoon. Tony’s getting kicked to the curb for Ronald. Guess the the red head dudes get the chicks? (LOL)

    Hey, any hints on the week’s Old School Friday meme theme so I can start noodling something good?

  3. The comic strip was done in poor taste. I get the joke but I mean come on! Talk about a low blow. No wonder many of these Hollywood folks go the MJ route. SMH!

    T.I. is wrong for doing that and he needs some clippers! A HOT MESS!

  4. Chi-Chi:

    It is poor taster, they didn’t have to make that big, but don’t wait to you’ve gain weight to talk about Hollywood. Be consistent. I just don’t appreciate how she flaunted her daisy duke body, and I don’t like how she did Nick Lachey, and I don’t like the dumb blond act. She is the poster girl for selling the wrong image to young girls.

    T.I. I just don’t know what to say about that.

  5. T.I. was wildin…that n…. had to be drunk or high…something wasn’t right, and they are really going in hard on Jess, but oh well, at least she’s relevant again…maybe this attention will help her make some money…like becoming the next Jenny Craig spokesperson or something.

  6. Quick:


  7. she big

    he gonna make a cut girl friend for some one

  8. I’m amazed at what moved Nick to marry her when she from the outside looking is such a media butterfly. She thrives on attention…and here I thought she was a bit ‘smarter’ than that. Watch her play that whole “curves are in” bit until the wheels falls off…or her next film/movie project pops up. LOL!

  9. Its funny that she still thinks she can flaunt that ill built body now that it looks a hot mess. Someone should haved stopped her before she went on stage and told her to take that shit off. Should have went for a flowing dress with cowboy boots.

    T.I is drunk as hell and im sure his balls stink!

  10. Did y’all hear about Jessica’s breakdown on stage Thursday night in Michigan? She forgot the words to her song and started tearing up. I kind of feel sorry for her, but maybe she’s just not cut out for it.

  11. i love her

  12. love Jessica

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