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My Weekend Recap: Iraqi Reporter Throws Shoe At Bush; Beyonce Supports UK Idol Fan; Jaime Fox Puts Terrence Howard In His Place

Posted by on Dec 15, 2008 in Celebrity News, Politics, Videos | 13 comments

In the words of Austin Powers, “Who throws a shoe? Honestly!” Bush narrowly escapes not one, but two shoes hurled at him by an Iraqi reporter. Bush showed some serious skills when he ducked and dodged the shoes. Imagine if that was Senator McCain, he would have been knocked out…I just amazed at Bush’s skills. Not once but twice…

Beyonce has a big heart. We can say what we want about the woman, but one thing for sure she is very giving. Here is a clip of Beyonce on UK Idol supporting her biggest fan, Alexandra, during a duet. This is actually touching because Alexandra can’t stop crying when she sees Beyonce…

Finally, someone tells Slick Back a.k.a Terrence Howard about himself. In an interview Jaime Foxx gets revenge on Terrence Howard, who apparently had something negative to say about Jaime Foxx’s music in an interview on CNN news. Terrence what were you thinking, Jaime Foxx is a comedian…This is quite funny…

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