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Spotted: Brandy & Tyrese + Barack’s GQ Praise

Close friends Tyrese and Brandy played catch up outside Westfield Mall in Century City. Who says ex-boyfriend & girlfriend can’t be friends long after the relationship is over?

01 brandy and tyrese again Spotted: Brandy & Tyrese + Baracks GQ Praise

01 brandy and tyrese Spotted: Brandy & Tyrese + Baracks GQ Praise

01 brandy tyrese Spotted: Brandy & Tyrese + Baracks GQ Praise

Photos spotted at Faded Youth Blog

“GQ” recently gave President-Elect Barack Obama top praise on their annual “Men of The Year” list. The men-geared style publication decided to place a salt-and-pepper hair Barack on its cover. Barack was interviewed for “GQ” by Senator Ted Kennedy. In case you missed it, check out Barack and Michelle’s “60 Minutes” interview here.

barack obama gq man of the year Spotted: Brandy & Tyrese + Baracks GQ Praise

Cover spotted at The Huffington Post

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  1. Okay, but LAWD what the heck is she wearing? Ima tear me up some jeans too (cut them out at the butt like Prince use to do) cause styles be tripping a sistah out.

    regarding the BARACK GQ. Sho’ yah right

  2. Here’s my take: Brandy’s True Religion jeans were the ones that were already cut on the front so I think Brandy just completely ripped it off. So I let that slide but what about the jacket?

    At first I didn’t recognize Barack until I did a double take. His barber claims Barack doesn’t mind the hair color change.

  3. Barack looks sexy. I see Natasha/Sasha Obama all in him.

  4. I agree with Bella, and I agree with his barber, a little great don’t hurt nobody

  5. I never knew Ty and Brandy used to date. Doesn’t he have a baby mama?

  6. Brandy looks raggedy. And i love GQ because they have been rocking out for Obama for a while….i think this is his second cover that i’m aware of

  7. heh i hate my ex girlfriend, but i’d still fuck her

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