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Elections Highlights: Jesse Jackson Tears, The First Family, The American Dream Alive

UPDATE: I guess my new response is that these tears are genuine, I was a little suspect, but I will give him the benefit of my doubt. After all, as revealed in the comments, he has seen a lot and been through a lot which helped this moment come true. Perhaps I’m biased because I got caught up in the campaign. So deep down inside, maybe he’s just happy for President Barack Obama, as well as his son, Jesse Jackson, Jr.

Question 1: Was Jesse Jackson tears genuine?

jesse jackson cries Elections Highlights: Jesse Jackson Tears, The First Family, The American Dream Alive

Now to move on from the negative. I feel like I’m the only one that notice the tears pooling in President Barack Obama’s eyes. It seems that every hug brought him one step closer to tears. It was a bittersweet moment knowing “Toot” wasn’t there to share it with him, I sensed a bit of sadness in his smile. This picture was taken while President Barack Obama was telling the crowd about the loss of his grandma, the night before his win.

barack obama tears Elections Highlights: Jesse Jackson Tears, The First Family, The American Dream Alive

Thank God, he has a strong beautiful black woman by his side. Michelle Obama loves him so much, the camera can’t even disguise it. Here is one moment that really captures the bond they share.

election night kiss michelle barack obama6 Elections Highlights: Jesse Jackson Tears, The First Family, The American Dream Alive

Next is our new First Family. I don’t think it could get anymore picture perfect than this. We are all realist, but we can dream, too. We know their will be lots of challenges ahead, but for this moment we are all “PROUD”. If you don’t feel it, then maybe you have been part of the problem all these years. To America’s Future…

the first family obama Elections Highlights: Jesse Jackson Tears, The First Family, The American Dream Alive

Every since 9/11, I have had such a love for this country. That day reminded us all that we’re Americans first. After Election Night 2008, the words of the National Anthem carries on more meaning than before. “Oh, say does that star-spangled banner yet wave,  O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave!”

election night flags Elections Highlights: Jesse Jackson Tears, The First Family, The American Dream Alive

People are inspired all across this country, if you have a dream, now just may be the time to try. It’s time to tell your children think big. No, we all won’t make it, but you have a better chance if you try.

obama sand art Elections Highlights: Jesse Jackson Tears, The First Family, The American Dream Alive

So I leave with tears. Whatever the reason last night, many people had a good cry. Oprah cried until her fake eyelashes fell off. I cried because my mother missed it, and I cried because my son lives it.

election night tears Elections Highlights: Jesse Jackson Tears, The First Family, The American Dream Alive

Presidential Election 2008

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  1. Beautifully, well-written – MGV! I had the same thought about Jesse but I quickly move on! Obama’s daughters look fab as did Michelle in that Narciso Rodriguez creation. It’s like a firecraker lit up her dress!

  2. I saw Jesse’s tears…meh. I spent all of 30 seconds trying to interpret them, but moved on myself…

    I completely lost it when The First Family came out on that stage…looking beautiful and strong…that picture is still doing me in today!

    Beautiful post, sister!

  3. I can fully understand your reaction. On the other hand, remember that in a very real sense, TWO separate things happened last night. First, yes, Democratic nominee Barack Obama won the election. But for a huge segment of our society, it was a moment unlike ANY other in the entire history of the civil rights movement, and even America. Jesse Jackson was with Martin Luther King Jr. on the day King was murdered for even thinking of a day like today. Whatever else you think of Jesse Jackson, you know that he had to be thinking about that, last night, when the announcement was made. I’m white and middle class. I will NEVER know what last night meant or felt like to Jesse Jackson or any other person of color anywhere, and I, for one, am humbled by that. I give the man a pass, on this one……

  4. Initially I thought his tears were not genuine, but I had to stop myself and be real. I’ve never been hosed. I’ve never had police sick dogs on me. I’ve never been turned away from a drinking fountain in a public place and I’ve never been asked to use the back door. And for that I’d say although he made big, no HUGE mistakes with his comments & actions, I do think his tears were real.

  5. @ Lin:

    That’s why I want linger on the subject. I understand he’s been through a lot and part of me see those tears as a release. I just didn’t get a good vibe from it, but I wouldn’t go as far as to say they were fake.

    Al Sharpton and many others have been through those same things, I just felt more connected to their reactions than Jesse Jackson, intuition. I think I’m slow to forgive, I have issues with Elizabeth from the view as well.

  6. @ Shae:

    It’s just he made more mistakes after the big apology, and for me it was the fact that he got caught. He was playing two sides. I’m sure I will forgive him one day, it just seemed excessive and my wounds are still raw. I’m not saying they aren’t genuine, I’m biased and that’s why I need someone to “talk me down” in the words of Rachel Maddow.

  7. @ Lin:

    You may not fully know, but to have empathy and to be sympathetic, is all that we ever wanted. It doesn’t matter that you are white, because it’s an American Dream come true. All Men Are Created Equal…And Women, Too.

  8. Oh trust and believe I’m not saying he was right. He was definitely one of the people who were causing major negative press and acting like a pure hater, but the question was regarding his tears that night and yes, I think they were real. I think he was absolutely shocked. Jesse is from a time where they were making history with the bus boycotts, they were being beaten and jailed for being unarmed and just wanting equality, the man seems to have changed a lot since then and acts like he’s owed something. I think he’s had his day, but I can’t overlook what he’s been through. I do however think some of those tears had a little bit of “It shoulda been me” in them. ;)

  9. Hi, I’m no American, but like a lot of Europeans I followed the US-elections closely. I came across this site by googling ‘Jesse Jacksons tears’ and I did that because for me it was one of the most moving images of this whole campaign, far more moving than Oprah’s tears…

    As an outsider it is very strange to see this kind of critique on someone like Jesse Jackson. Oprah nowadays funds the civil rights movement, Jackson fought in that movement long before there was anyone to fund it.
    Besides, Hillary & Bill Clinton did far more damage to the Obama campaign than Jackson ever did, or could or would do.

    I don’t think Jesse Jackson envies Obama in any way. Do you believe he ever believed to actually become president himself? I bet he only ran to emphasize racial issues. In that way opening the door for change at times most Afro-Americans wondered if there even was a door.

    A soldier can come back from war, but the war never leaves the soldier. That’s why he’s been hard on Obama I think. And that’s why he wept his tears I think. Is that genuine?

  10. @ Natan:

    Good Point! Sometimes it takes an outsider to help us see how people think of America. I admire Jesse Jackson, but this election just showed me a different side of him. I guess we all are complicated, and he has done so much for us, and in that sense I’m more than grateful.

    I guess I believed from the jump that Obama could do it, and I was die-hard Clinton supporter, until I saw Obama, and I knew he was different.

  11. Jesse’s tears were genuine i believe. I think they were from the realization of this historic event, and from the fact that he made a fool of himself by talking down about Obama earlier in the campaign on national tv. lol

  12. Man, please, Jessee Jackson is at it again, old shyster. He knew the cameras would be trained on him. He had to cry, to position himself for a spot in the Obama administration. Yeah, he is somebody alright. He was proly calling Obama the “N” word later that night. “I CAN’T BELIEVE THAT N***** WON!”

  13. @ Anon:

    I was starting to think I was the only one doubting those tears. I’m glad you have my back.

  14. Hey,

    I have half your back! LOL!!

  15. Kudos MGV!!! President Obama’s win inspires me to believe that anything is possible. For me, it’s not about race, but it’s about CHANGE that I can believe in. This is the first time (its been 24 years being a registered voter) that I’ve voted in the Presidential race and I thank God that my voted helped to make this election a historic one.

    As I cast my vote, tears of joy was flowing down my cheeks. My heart was rejoicing as I walked away with a sway of happiness in my hips. I just felt so good in believing that a CHANGE was on the way! And I quote: “Rosa Parks sat down, Martin Luther King Jr. marched, Barack Obama ran, and my grandchildren will fly.”

    President Obama has a lot of dirt to clean up and trash to throw out to get the United States out of depression and it may take more than 1 term to do it; as carrying the weight of this country may be challenging, which is why he will constantly need our prayers for his (and his family) safety and support in making decisions for our future.

    May God Continue to Bless America!

  16. Wow,… The change has already started, his speech was absolutely divine

  17. merci l’Amérique !

  18. second try ;) good morning reached your place after receiving an email from a friend with a long row of people crying tuesday-wednesday night, but thought i found jesse jackson’s photo was not there, so i googled jj tears and here i am. european and living in spain, we’ve shared this year electios thru the tv all the while. i dont know if mr jacksons tears were of what reason, cause tears are tears and they do move me. i was in the us in 1962-62 and saw with my eyes how there were seats for ones and seats for others, and many more, i saw and i remember mlking who died not for nothing but for today, God bless, today, yes, thank you, let me tell you I share your joy, wars will stop now, i am sure, there is a new mood in our world now, led by mr obama.

  19. Jesse is an embarrassment.He is faulty to the tee.He really needs to get his mind right. He hated on Barak, had an affair on his solid soldier of a wife, favored the gays in order to win a presidency, he has fallen off so much ,he is just as bad as Marion Berry was, and is as much of a criminal as OJ!

  20. une très bonne chose cette élection
    des larmes bien sincères de Jesse Jackson mais aussi de nombreuses autres personnes

  21. not helpful

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