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Cadillac Records L.A. Premiere

The Los Angeles premiere of “Cadillac Records” brought out its all-star ensemble Gabrielle Union,Beyonce Knowles, Columbus Short, Jeffery Wright, and Adrien Brody. Also in attendance were Etta James (the soul legend Beyonce’s character is based off), Lauren London, and Gabrielle’s close friends Sanaa Lathan and Regina Hall.

beyonce etta james cadillac records premiere Cadillac Records L.A. Premiere

Is that Beyonce’s real wedding ring?

sanaa lathan regina hall cadillac records Cadillac Records L.A. Premiere

Close friends Sanaa and Regina with Beyonce.

adrien brody jwright cadillac records Cadillac Records L.A. Premiere

Jeffery (who can be seen in the latest James Bond film) and Adrien pose at the After Party. Wright portrays Muddy Walters and Brody’s Leonard Chess.

gabrielle union lauren london cadillac records Cadillac Records L.A. Premiere

Gabrielle (in Reem Acra) portrays Muddy Waters’s wife Geneva in the film. Gabrielle talked to USA Today about working with Beyonce: “I like BeyoncĂ© because the check cleared, and if it didn’t, I’d know where to find her,” joked Union, dressed in navy blue Reem Acra. “She’s obviously incredibly talented. When you watch her transform into Etta James and really channel her and her pain and that journey, it’s powerful. As a boss and as a fellow actress, she’s the bomb.”

columbus short cadillac records Cadillac Records L.A. Premiere

Columbus Short portrays Little Walter. Remember him from “Stomp The Yard“?!

tina knowles etta james cadillac records Cadillac Records L.A. Premiere

Tina Knowles (Beyonce’s mom) took a snapshot with soul legend Etta James.
The film opens on December 5th. Check out the trailer below.

Will you go see this film?
[images via Getty]

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  1. You see the trailer?

    I dont know about that it seems that Beyonce looked stiff.

  2. CLNMike –
    If Beyonce wasn’t offered the role, who in Hollywood would you rather see portray Etta James?

  3. Anyone, but Beyonce. She is becoming stale and boring. I used to like her, but now I am tired of her. She needs to reinvent herself. Her new cd only sold 505,000 when her dad thought it would sell close to a million. She is talking about she wants to become an Icon. I don’t remember Cher,Madonna,Elivis and etc telling people they are trying to become an icon. She needs to step back and regroup.

  4. That’s a matter of opinion. Beyonce is an awesome performer. Don’t hate

  5. Bella – Beyonce could take a step back if she wants to but she has admitted over and over again that her career is her passion. What she could do is bring on a Destiny’s Child reunion for the Holidays or so. Are you sure she sold only 505K copies?!

    Lanie – I agreed. Beyonce’s a great entertainer. Hats off to her on that department.

  6. @lanie

    “Hate” is such a 3rd grader word.

  7. @Chi Chi

    Yes it was on another website 505,000

  8. Admit it…”The Girl Is Bad!!!!!!!” In more ways than one!!!!

  9. I look forward to seeing this movie.

  10. I have to chime in.

    @ Bella: I feel you, she’s talented but, I was expecting something mature and something different. I feel like it’s the same, but I have to also agree with Chi-Chi and Lanie, she is a great performer and entertainer. I just wish their was more substance to her, like Patti or Aretha.

  11. I’m out of town, Chi and Quick have been holding it down. I think they deserve a Christmas bonus.

  12. i think i will go see this, at first, i wasn’t sure, but now i am

  13. i saw this movie and loved it!

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