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Justin Timberlake Joins Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” SNL Skit

Posted by on Nov 16, 2008 in Celebrity News, Celebrity: Beyonce, TV Shows, Videos | 4 comments

Justin Timberlake alongside the show’s celeb host Paul Rudd and SNL regular Andy Samberg popped up in a parody for Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” music video last night on “Saturday Night Live.” The hilarity and comedic timing between JT and Beyonce made it a great TV moment. LOL at “Warm Biscuits!” Check it out…

“Single Ladies” Skit
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MLH Peacock Dress Face-Off

Posted by on Nov 16, 2008 in CC's Fashion Post, Celebrity Fashion | Comments Off

mlh sequin knit dress dawn ashanti aubrey MLH Peacock Dress Face Off

Back in September I posted up a blog post on this MLH peacock sequin dress…as seen on Aubrey O’Day and Ashanti.

Since then the dress made another appearance via Danity Kane’s Dawn Richard and her hot Dior wedge cut-out sandals.

So this question goes out to all Mrs. Grapevine readers, which lady pulled off the look – Ashanti, Aubrey O’Day or Dawn?

Photo credits: Getty/JET Nightclub

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