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2 Looks With Angela Simmons & Cassie

Angela Simmons and Cassie were caught wearing this Herve Leger bandage mini-skirt in two different colors – grey and black. Despites the color scheme, both went for a similar look…

angela simmons cassie hl skirt 2 Looks With Angela Simmons & Cassie

Cassie’s look will cost you a cool $595 over at INTERMIXONLINE.COM whereas Angela’s skirt runs for $552 over at SHOPATMILK.COM. (You gotta love Cassie’s YSL shoes…)

So are you loving this high-skirt and extra-small top combo look Angela and Cassie has on or not? Love it or leave it?

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  1. Cassi rocked it.

    Too much lepoard skin is tacky.

  2. Herve is killing the game. I’m loving these little tight dresses, lol ;)

  3. I’m getting old as i don’t know either of these two sisters. As an aside, I invite you to come drop by again at the Electronic Village blog to pick up an award that we shared with you this morning!

    Thanx for your earlier visit to Wordless Wednesday post! I invite your blog readers to see visual evidence of Hillary’s endorsement of Barack Obama on my WW-post this week…

    peace, Villager

  4. nice shoes

    and hips (ms simmons only)

  5. Cassie looks great but damn, she’s slim as hell! And I still can’t get over the fact that those skirts cost $500+ I mean, I’ll make one and sell it for $100!

    Any takers?

  6. Celebrities and Entertainers are feeling those YSL shoes so much that they can’t stop talking about them. Check out Universal Motown/SRC recording artist ShirĂ© and how enthusiastic she is about the YSL fall edition.


  7. Angela looks fantastic!!!



  10. Angela looks sooo much better due to the fact that she has an actual figure…cassie needs a lil more hips to pull off this look she looks boxy. the shoes and hair are awesome though on cassie I JUST FEEL YOU NEED A FIGURE TO PULL THIS LOOK OFF

  11. beg to differ…simmons rocked it. cassie looks like a box and unfortunately the bandit failed to even excentuate her seemingless hips

  12. In my own opinion those kind of skirts needs to be paired with a flowy top to balance the whole look. flowy top + fitted skirt = PERFECT!

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