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Whitney Houston & Ray J Holding Hands In L.A. At The Club

It’s certainly the year of the cougars. The cougars are taking over, and soon their won’t be any young men for the young women. You know the saying, Once they go old…Okay, so there isn’t a saying, but their needs to be…

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  1. There is just something really gross about this whole scenario. I have nothing against being with an older woman because I once dated a woman that was 11-years old than me and it was all good, but there is something really unattractive about Whitney and something really unattractive about Ray J-but I guess they are attracted to each other in some strange and sick way. Maybe she can help him write better music.

  2. LMBAO

  3. Nippy, Nippy, Nippy. lol; yes there does need to be a saying! MG, Lets work on one…Once they go old, …this is hard. I’ll think about it tonight and get back with you tomorrrow!

  4. Hello there!

    I am not sure why people are talking about Whitney and this young buck… can’t a sista find LOVE without being talked about?? It’s not like he’s under 21. She’s over 40…I think…and he’s in his 20s… Cher has been dating younger men since she left Sony Bono… and Demi Moore married a young buck… the sistas may as well jump into the pool…. Tina Turner has been with a man 15 years younger for many years… it’s not THAT new really…


  5. I dont mind the cougar thing but these two just make a bad match.

  6. I’m with Lisa on this one…better Ray J than Bobby, I say…

    She’s having a little fun…I say let her have it…

  7. More power to them, all I said was this is the year of the cougar. I don’t know why a boy would fall in love with a woman with so many issues, it just seems to be his think, so I question his motives. Lil Kim is another one he had as a side. I think he likes women who struggling mentally…

  8. The oddest couple ever. Nippy is known for “bad boy” craddle robbing…on the other hand this could be another celebrity stunt to boost their careers as both can really use any type of exposure (negative or positive) right about now.

  9. I think I’m gonna be sick…


  10. It wouldn’t be so bad, if Whintey wasn’t a recovering crackhead with no real teeth. I agree she needs love, but this just seems like chaos in the making…

  11. I am with Marvalus and Lisa – better Ray J than Bobby. Ray J can make a woman famous (just ask Kim Kardashian).

    @Marcus L, Whitney doesn’t write songs, she sings them!! All she can do for Ray J is get him in touch with some producers/songwriters.

  12. Ray J has been struggling with his career. I think at this point he thinks Whitney will be able to do something for him. But Whitney lost many fans when she were with Bobby. Ray J is desperate and Whitney is making her self look desperate especially when she dates someone as lame as Ray J. There are BILLION of fine men out there. She needs help.. Ill pray for her. LOL (MY OPINION)

  13. I lol’d when she fell back.

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