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Old School Fridays: Break-Up Songs

This song is not a break-up song per se, but it will definitely break-up a happy home, so if you’re in a relationship that this song reflects, then you need to stop…This group had some hits and so I present to you Atlantic Starr…

This second song was my favorite when I was a teen, I loved Bel Biv Devoe, and when they came here in concert the crowd was so loud that we out sang the group…

Electronic Village – Chatting Over Cocktails – Ms GrapevineQuickMarcus LANGFORD – Cassandra – DanielleLisa CChocl8tDPKreative Talk -MarvalusOne – Regina – LaShonda –AJSharonInvisible WomanBeliever 1964DeeSJPsHaE-sHaeSongs In the Key of LifeHagar’s Daughterfreshandfab – Thembi

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