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Sunday Inspirations: Hip-Hop; What Is My Calling?

Posted by on Jul 13, 2008 in MrsGrapevine | 8 comments

I just got back form church and the sermon was very interesting. It made me wonder, how many people know their calling in life, their life’s purpose. No matter who you are you have a purpose, you are uniquely designed to fulfill something special. I’m 30 now, and I love to do so many things, and I’m good at them, but I feel like I’m missing my life’s purpose. I know my heart is drawn to helping others, but we live in a time of wealth, and part of me want to pursue money before I do what I know I’m rightfully designed to do. So, how do you step out on faith, and just give your life over to it’s calling.

This really became apparent Friday when we were discussing hip-hop over at Hagar’s Daughter Blog. I take offense when people talk about hip-hop, and I know it’s not perfect, but I think I’m much like David Banner in this way; I understand it’s music of inflicted people, people that are dispossessed. This is not a means to justify it, but those that are the most critical seem to do very little to help or educate the youth, instead they talk down upon them as if they should just know better for the sake of knowing better, instead reaching out a helping hand to enlighten. I can’t look down on the music or the rappers because I feel our inner city youth have been let down, and we blame the music because it’s so easy to do, but what does the music really say about us, all of us as a whole. It reveals some serious truths that we as a community don’t want to deal with publicly or privately. Why are our children rapping about drugs and not about Christ? Why are our women being disrespected instead of lifted up? How did music come to this? Who are our rappers’ heroes? Is it you?

My life purpose is to be the light, to offer hope in a child’s life where there is none. I will give the youth something different to sing about, because I believe they are better, they can be better, and they are asking us how. This doesn’t mean I’m going to listen to rap music and support it, this means I’m not going to degrade the people accused of degrading other people. Everyone is human and redeemable, and I believe that as much as I believe in Christ. I don’t care if people don’t agree with me, I don’t care if people see it as the music of the devil, I don’t care if people boycott it, I don’t care if people turn their radio off when they hear it. But I do care, if you sit on the sidelines pretending it’s someone else’s problem when it’s our problem. People can continue to hear the trash in the music, I will continue to hear – S.O.S.

I will heed to the calling…

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