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Old School Friday: Kid Groups

This is still one of my favorite songs and I have it in my ipod right now. This song was too grown for these kids, but it was the jam. These kids need a spanking, I believe the words are fast and mannish…I present 702 and Subway “This Little Game“…

[coolplayer width="480" height="380" autoplay="0" loop="0" charset="utf-8" download="0" mediatype=""]
Subway & 702

This second tune, is a grown folk jam, I don’t care how old they were when they recorded it, I still listen to it as if they were grown. Here’s subway with the slow jam “Fire”

[coolplayer width="480" height="380" autoplay="0" loop="0" charset="utf-8" download="0" mediatype=""]


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  1. yeah, this song was dirty as heck…LOL! but still a little more subtle than ‘pretty ricky’s’ “hotline” song! i still got into this tune though.

  2. @ Marcus: I wouldn’t admit that to anyone, *shhh* me too. Pretty Ricky had some good songs, they were just so catchy.

  3. I don’t remember this kid group.

    “Meet me by the swings in the playground.” I remember young love/lust. Oh, it’s hot in here! ;)

    Happy OSF!

  4. I sure remember 702. Loved them and I remember this doggone fresh song of theirs. LOL I don’t recall Subway. Damn, I missed out.

  5. Oh my! Never heard of them…is there a parental advisory on their cds…wow!!!!

  6. I remember 702 and Subway and the rumors that they were really dating. They were too young for this mess! Great pick!

  7. 702 is another group that was on regular rotation in my cd player. I loved them. I didn’t know they were really dating Subway. Go figure.

  8. Happy OSF! I’m getting old. I hadn’t heard of either group until listening to them here on your blog…

    Thank you for visiting my Ol’ School Jackson 5 response to the ‘Kid’s Group’ theme. I invite your blog readers to check it out if they have time or inclinaton.

    peace, Villager

  9. I didn’t know Subway did Fire, but I definitely remember both songs and they were just a lil too grown for them to be singing, but as a child, I thought that it was hot and I use to sing these lil songs to my lil boyfriend…if my mother only knew! :-)

  10. The Subway/702 song is a banger! Still good after all this time…

  11. …like Chris Brown says ” i know i just turned 18 and i get a little mannish”; lol. Good song still…all that talk about Pretty Ricky at the top of the comments has their saying “Pretty ricky-ricky-rickay ” stuck in my head; lol

  12. Would be much obliged if you stop by Sojourner’s Place for today’s post…might find it interesting…

  13. lil game we play was my jizzzaaammmm!

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