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Finally Pictures Of Usher & The Baby; Usher’s Baby

Yeah, we finally get to see pictures of the baby. I thought he was going to keep this baby under wraps like Michael Jackson and Blanket. Who said the internet isn’t a good thing. You know someone is going to get F-I-R-E-D for releasing pictures of the baby, judging by the grainy pictures someone used their cellphone…


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  1. I wonder how much they got paid for getting these exclusives!!!!??

  2. That’s foul. It was proly somebody he trusted, too.

  3. This is the free shoot, he claimed he did for the fathers day essence issue…he really got on my nerves when he said “other celebs use their kids for money”

  4. I probably just have very bad eyes or the pictures is just horrible, I can’t even see much of the baby, for whatever that was worth :(

  5. not as pretty as me and mine lol

  6. Aw, isn’t that sweet. He’s smiling and he seems happy. Good for him.

  7. It’s not a good pic of the baby but he looks adorable from what I can see.

  8. HEART

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