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I’m Convinced: Beyonce Is Pregnant Or Has Been Pregnant

I can’t tell you which of the above is true, but I have been looking at the pictures and I know I sound psycho, but you cannot convince me that Beyonce isn’t pregnant or hasn’t been pregnant. I know a pregnant woman when I see one. According to my source, this is not the first time, either. Mums the word. She has been wearing the oddest choices in clothing for months now. I know rumors always circulate, but the proof is in the pudding. It’s not just weight gain, because Beyonce would be in the gym by now knocking the weight off and proving us wrong as she has done time and time again. Jury of my peers, I enter into evidence Exhibit A, B, C, D:


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  1. I definitely agree with you. Beyonce seems to be pregnant.
    I am sure it is the greatest thing that can happen with a woman, I am happy for her. She will become a good mom.

  2. Could be….Could not be…Only time will tell. She does look larger including her thighs but she has weight issues as it is. A tendency to gain weight like her mom. Most likely she is pregnant that is why the secret wedding.

  3. You can see it in her face…since shortly after the wedding when she began wearing all those big pants and stockings(!?) even with the peep toe sandals, I have just been waiting on her to disappear from the public eye or for the word to come down…

  4. I can’t tell.
    I guess I have to wait to see.

  5. Oh Yeah! She’s pregnant. She has what I call the pregnant nose! But more importantly, she’s in the protective mode with her hand/arms often appearing to protect the unborn. That’s an instinctive reaction – and is unavoidable. I put my money on being pregnant! SjP

  6. u may be right sister

  7. i wouldnt even doubth that, becoz shes been wearing these baggy clothes…

    accually i really dont care

  8. Great observation, MG! I think she may have been pregnant or she simply added some weight around her midsection.

  9. If you look at the pictures of her partying in Cannes with Jay-Z and Diddy, she’s sitting bw them with a glass in her hand. Was she just holding it?!?!?! or was she drinking it?!?!?! maybe….maybe not.

  10. Well, we’ll find out for sure in about 3 to 6 months right? But I’m sure until then there’s going to be more denying and denying from the Bigga camp. You can “hide” a wedding but it’s harder to hide the fact that you had a child, right? Esp. in the limelight.

  11. Yeah, you could be right. It seems celebs deny it until they are 6 months in or something.

  12. It looks like she is! I don’t know why she would want to hide this grest gift…. I hope she is, if thats what she wants. She will be a GREAT mom…. She needs to relize that she will not be able to hide it from her fans for long!!

  13. especially in that third row of pics…she really does look extra pregnant. in fact she reminds me of my mom when she was carrying my youngest brother at age 42.

  14. when was the last time u seen her and why did they jump to get married so fast hmmmm……… makes u think

  15. Only time will tell.. But that may be the reason for marriage… She is on a roll..

  16. Marriage and House!! Now BABY!! Convinced

  17. I think she is. However, this is probably just another call from attention from Beyonce. Why the secret wedding? Either because she’s pregnant or because a secret wedding will cause longer publicity. Why the big clothes? Because she knows people will assume that she is pregnant. If she is though, congrats…MOVE ON, lol. I’m not hating, but jeez…where’s Kelly?lol

  18. GO RIHANNA!!

  19. If you ever want to see a reader’s feedback :) , I rate this post for four from five. Decent info, but I just have to go to that damn google to find the missed bits. Thanks, anyway!

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