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What! Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon Engaged…

According to Access Hollywood, it’s confirmed that Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon are engaged. Someone slap me now, I’ve been so wrapped up in Obama v. Wright, that I forgot I was a celebrity news blogger, and this came across my e-mail and I almost went into shock. Little Nick Cannon be putting it down, I’m saying this is the year of the cougars. First, Ray J and Whitney Houston, and now Nick and Mariah. There were rumors circulating that they were dating, but I didn’t think a potential marriage could come of it.

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  1. ?????????????*scratching head*?????????????

    Oh well, I guess there’s somebody for everybody!

  2. I’m with you Shelia, huh?
    Don’t get me wrong I like them both but just weird.

  3. …talk about random. She definitely wears the pants in the relationship; lol

  4. @ Sheila:

    Did I miss something? How long have they been dating?

  5. @ Ada:

    Weird, is one word that comes to mind.

  6. Call ME CRAZY but I think this will work for her! Nick is very lovin and god knows MiMi needs attention 24/7 like a damn newborn baby! So, I’m putting $50 down on this one will last!

  7. I reserve the right to comment on this one…

    In other words, I’m confused as all get out…

  8. this story really trips me, im so sure its false, if its tru, mariah is a mess

    she needs a man of her age thatll stick with her, not nick cannon smh

  9. Mariah & Nick Cannon? WOoOOOW.

    Mrs. G…i’m too through with you and the “Year of the Cougar”!!! LMAO

  10. @ E-Biz: Go ahead and give me the money now.

  11. @ Marvalus: I had to check many sources, and major news media are reporting this. I had to make sure it wasn’t a Media Takeout story. I’m just as confused. Has she ever dated an all black person before. She acting like Janet.

  12. @ choc8t: Yeah, if I wasn’t married maybe I’d be looking for a sugar baby, too. J/K

  13. All I can say is: What the hell, Mariah?!?!!

    …but who am I to judge?

  14. Mrs. G – I just read today that they went ahead and jumped the broom…and that came from MSNBC…

    ::blinking eyes rapidly::

    Still confused…

  15. MG, you hit the nail right on the head. Nick Cannon definitely has some quality that the ladies seemingly admire. I do however doubt they are this serious so soon after her video wrapped up.

  16. bonjour ! super mariah et nick cannon maries!mais long maraiah pas encore enceintes

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