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Old School Friday Meme: Men With Perms

Some of the best music of all come from men with a process on their hair. During the 50′s this style became quite popular, along with new soulful sounds. My pick is one of my favorite bands from the 80′s when the style came back with a vengeance, this group is known for their fast hits, but I prefer their slow grooves. The leader is well known for his hair.

[coolplayer width="480" height="380" autoplay="0" loop="0" charset="utf-8" download="0" mediatype=""]
Gigolos Get Lonely Too

I can’t forget one of the most talented guitarist. He is known for sporting an Afro, but later in his life before his tragic death he sported a perm.

[coolplayer width="480" height="380" autoplay="0" loop="0" charset="utf-8" download="0" mediatype=""]
Jimi Hendrix

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  1. i remember when morris day and the time had grown to be more popular than prince. MD was cool, before rap music became cool.

  2. oh, this is my fav song by the group.

  3. This is so much fun. I have been singing, laughing, and singing all morning. Go Morris!

  4. Oh my Goodness Jimmi is my all time favorite, hands down

  5. My boy Hendrix! Ms. Grapevine you stay bringing the people i forget about on OSF! This is the perfect way to start the day, OSF just puts me in a good mood! lol

  6. I am totally off this week, but it seems you and the others are making the most of my “white boy perm” choice.

    I’m learning so much on OSF!

  7. Oh yeah, first there was Hendrix (rock on!), then Price picked up a guitar (just in time too)… then out of his creative mind spawned The Time, Vanity 6, Appollonia 6 (he could have kept them in his mind ), Carmen Elektra (thank God she stopped trying to rap and so much more music. I love it!

  8. I didn’t know Jimi wore a perm. I am learning so much through the blogshphere. No, you didn’t have my man MORRIS DAY…you go, I am enjoying all the video choices….ONELOVE..

  9. I forgot Jimmy use to have permed hair…and I’m old enough to remember that and that’s probably the reason I forgot! SjP

  10. I’m glad to see you have a better memory than me. I couldn’t think last night of who had perms…..I’m learning. That first song was one of my favorites.

  11. Dang!! I completely forgot about Morris Day…and he lives here in the Atlanta area too!! LOL I used to love this song Giggilos…get lonely too!

  12. Good choices Mrs. G.

    We went with Morris and The Time too, along with James Brown at our spot. Happy OSF.

  13. Morris Day was a nut! But his hair was always fierce!!
    I didn’t know that Hendrix had a perm (I wasn’t that much into him), I only remembered the fro’.

    Sooooo, when are we going to get that “Prince” theme (I am so ready and jonesing for some Prince)!

  14. I didn’t know jimi had a perm. That is so mind-blowing.
    I love Morris and he always kept his hair looking good.

  15. Yes Jimmy—how could we forget? Good one!

  16. OK girl. We are going to stop choosing the same artists! LOL! Just proves you have great taste in music as well!

    Morris is still doing his thing on the Michael Baisden After Dark show. He hasn’t aged much at all…just like Prince. LOL!

  17. That first video of Morris Day sounded like a Ray Parker Jr. song. Oh…did you know that the ‘The Time’ of Morris Day and The Time comprised of super producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis!? I found this out when I saw another MD and TT video and of course I had to get my research on at Wikipedia.com.

  18. MGV, you are full of surprises. My sister use to have this song playing ALL THE TIME!!

  19. nice 1 mrs g,

  20. I am very pleased to pass on the E for Excellence Award to you. In keeping with the rules, you must now pass this award on to 10 blogs you deem worthy of the E. Much obliged for all you do in the Afrosphere!


  21. YOU GO GIRLFRIEND!!! Congrats on making the list of top 10 Black Blogs by Open Entrance! You deserve it!!! SjP

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