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Halle Berry Showing Off Baby Body

This is what a real woman looks like after giving birth, it takes time for your body to bounce back into shape. Hollywood would make you think it works like magic. Some people are bless to snap back, but the for the majority of us, mother natures has a time line. Here are candids of the beautiful new mom…

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  1. you are right, and she looks amazing

  2. It is sooooo refreshing to see a celebrity who hasn’t dropped all of their pregnancy weight within 10 days of giving birth!! She looks FANTABULOUS. Shyt…I really didn’t need another reason to hate her!!! LMAO

  3. ok, i’m not really feeling the dress. that looks like something a fat old lady would wear at home, while she sits on sofa watching soaps and eating ice cream. so not halle berry!! if she wanted to show off the breasts, then surely there was another outfit for that. other than the dress, she looks really pretty.

  4. @ Ms USA: The dress does look like a gown.

  5. All I can see is the nice biggins!

  6. Esquire names Halle Berry ‘sexiest woman alive’…10/10 oh man!


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