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Alicia Keys Looks Uncomfortable On The Red Carpet In Tight Dress

If your dress is this tight and you don’t feel comfortable wearing it…DON’T. A dress like this require plenty of confidence, and a pair of Spanx. I love Alicia Keys and generally she makes great wardrobe choices, but I can tell she wasn’t comfortable with this one, and maybe she should have just changed. She has a nice body with plenty of curves and the dress looks nice, but…


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  1. …i mean, she might as well not had worn it. I can see EVERYTHING. lol

  2. @ Quick: Emphasis on “everything”

  3. At least the shoes are HOT, HOT, HOT!!! :)

  4. ok this dress is nice. but she shows that she’s self conscious in the way she keeps pulling on it. i agree, if you’re not comfortable then don’t wear it.

  5. @ choc8t: I do like the shoes.

  6. Whatever she’s the baddest.

  7. Goodness!

  8. @ Kenny: I think she is the baddest, and she has nice shape.

  9. she shoulda had on them “spanx” or whatever they’re called to hide the lines.. still fine as all outdoors though!! lol

  10. I love e shoes me

  11. I luvvvvvvvvvvv alicia keys, since I was 5 and I think she iz beautiful in anything!!!! Don’t be hatin on my gal!!

  12. no war

  13. super star

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