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Barack Obama Speech On Race

Posted by on Mar 18, 2008 in Politics | 9 comments

This is my President and I admire him so much. Everyone thought he would throw Jeremiah Wright under the bus and the Trinity Church of Christ, but he didn’t, he stood up for their 20 year relationship and spoke about the difficult times blacks have had in the is country. It took a lot of honor to risk his Presidency to stand up for Jeremiah Wright. If you haven’t already done so, please donate money so that he can continue his campaign and help heal some wounds this country didn’t realize it had. He said racism is still alive, and we as members of this country need to do more. We need to come together across racial, social, and class lines to create the American Dream we believe exist. If you believe in his message of hope and vision of unity, help support the campaign

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Barack Obama’s Speech On Race


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