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Best In Black Celebrity News & Gossip; Urban Since 2007

1. Singer Mario caught kissing his dance partner Karina Smirnoff, from Dancing with the Stars. According to witnesses, “They were making out by the valet with their hands all over each other, and he was whispering in her ear. It was around midnight, so there weren’t many people around.” The two then got in the same car and drove off together with Mario at the wheel. [Source] She got a thing for men named Mario, Karina is still linked to Mario Lopez of Saved by the Bell.
2. Mary J Blige will be neighbors to Rev Run and Ja Rule. Mary J just purchased a house in Saddle River, NJ for $12.3 Million. The house was originally priced at $17 Million, so Mrs. Mary got a investment deal. The French country manor has eight-bedrooms on 4.2 acres with a 14-seat movie theater, a fitness center, a basketball court, an elevator, a gourmet kitchen, eight bathrooms, a spiral staircase and a wine tasting room. [Source]
3. TI will serve jail time for conspiring to purchase firearms as a felon. TI consented to the charges in a plea deal that leaves him serving jail time. TI will serve one year in federal prison after completing 1500 hours of community service – speaking to the hazards of gun. He will also pay $100,000 in fines, and will serve one year in-home detention. I still think he was set-up. I know in order to be set-up you have to do something wrong, but the whole thing was shady from the jump.
4. Remy Ma was handcuffed and lead out of a Manhattan courtroom crying and weeping after being found guilty of shooting a friend. According Remy Ma’s defense, the gun was shot by accident in the direction of her friend accused of stealing $3000. Their defense was: it was an accident? I would file suit against my lawyer for that dumb defense. I almost feel sorry for her.

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  1. Nice home MJB! Maybe she will be featured in an upcoming season of Runs House!??

  2. WTH? Mario needs to be taught how to creep. How’s he going to get caught in the parking lot? That could have been paparazzi creepin’, then he would have been front page news by 6 am.

  3. I knew Mario was going to be all up on that…you could tell by looking at their interaction…I ain’t mad…dude is looking good on DWTS…

  4. @ Marv: I saw it too, I saw the way she was looking at him. Mario#1 better keep a close eye on his girl, because she’s got some thoughts about Mario#2

  5. i hope she does cheat on him. serves mario #1 right for cheating on his wife,ali landry, within the first week of their marriage. what goes around comes around, sucka!

  6. @ Pounce:

    Mario #1 cheated at the bachelor party before his wedding, and you’re right, he shouldn’t have done Ali that way. Whatever happen to Ali Landry?

  7. i lovet his so much!

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