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Top 5 Headline Juice: Tracey Edmonds, Mariah Carey, Whoopi Goldberg, Michael Jackson, & Jaime Foxx

1. “I was very shocked and disappointed to hear of Johnny Gill’s false spin on the chain of events surrounding our wedding. His outrageous lies were clearly a very desperate and pathetic attempt to clean up his reputation at my expense. I would appreciate it if Mr. Gill would refrain from continuing to spread false gossip and lies to the public, and allow everyone involved to move on with their lives. We all know the real truth.”
2. Mariah Carey releases new video for “Touch My Body”. The new single is climbing the charts and Mariah may have another hit on her hand.
3. The Academy Awards better known as the Oscars, apologizes to Whoopi Goldberg for leaving her out of a montage that honored past hosts. She was the first woman and the first African American to host, and she hosted the Oscars a total of four times. Whoopi got emotional on The View when her co-stars came to her defense and shamed the Oscars for such a faux-pas.
4. Michael Jackson is in the process of losing Never Neverland. Michael Jackson has until March 19 to pay the $24,525,906.61 owed to avoid foreclosure from the Financial Title Company. I’m not sure why he is holding on to the ranch, it’s time to let it go.
5. Jaime Foxx slated to play Mike Tyson in an upcoming film produced by none other than Mike Tyson. I can’t wait to see his take on the Evander Holyfield incident, where Tyson bit off a chunk of his ear.

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  1. What’s this Johnny Gill stuff about?

  2. I like the little minifeed thing you did here. nice catch up!!

  3. …i need to hit up YouTube and find that video before it’s removed. Thanks MG!

  4. I like this top 5 headline thingy…

    The Oscars didn’t just leave out Whoopi…they left out Steve Martin too…and that young kid that just died (not Heath Ledger; the other one, Renfro I think his last name was)…I realize they were trying to cram a lot in, but they need to find a way if they are going to do a montage to cram it all in, and not diss anyone…

    Michael losing Neverland?! OMG!

    I saw that Mariah video today…kinda cute…of course I’m probably one of few that will admit that I actually like her…

    I have nothing to say on the Johnny/Eddie/Tracey thing…nor the Jaime Foxx playing Mike Tyson (I’m going to hold on to this one until it comes to fruition)…

  5. My my my… Tracey said a whoooole lot in just a few words. Well, that is, if you’re reading between the line…

  6. OMG! LOL! MJ owes $24,525,906.61!!
    I saw that special a couple years ago with the reporter interviewing him and Michael was in all those stores just buying up everything. This is hilarious!!

  7. Love the style of this post MG! This Whoopie Goldberg thing really pissed me off. Not because I’m such a Whoopie fan but because they told a bald face lie. How the hell are you going to put together footage of hosts, only leave out Whoopie and Steve Martin but get all the rest? And then call it an “oversight” in their apology. Kiss off!!

  8. Aww….I feel bad for Michael. Don’t know why he didn’t outright purchase this when he had money. SMH.

  9. How the hell was Whoopi skipped? That’s so freakin’ sad… oh well, at least she was publicly supported by her co-hosts but still…:(

  10. I heard the whole song and saw the full video for Touch My Body. Uh… well, that’s the only way I can describe the video and song… uh…

    I still appreciate her talents, but I wish we could go back to the days when she wore clothes…

  11. loving the healine thing, i might have to steal lol….i wasnt really feeling mariah, what they did to woopy was just messed up, i think micheal should hurry up that ranch is his life,i think

  12. suprise u aint say more about lonel richie daughter baby

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