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Nas & Kelis Wears The N-Word To The Grammy

Is this a shameless plug of his new album, or an attempt at freedom of speech, or just a poor fashion decision altogether? I’m not sure what to think of Nas and Kelis outfits at the Grammy. My initial reaction was to ignore them because it was obvious they were seeking attention, but maybe it was more political than that. Honestly, I don’t know… but after his last album I think he purposefully named this album “N-word” to gain attention or better, yet record sales. Really, was the Grammy the place for it?

What Do You think?

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  1. I think it is really stupid and disrespectful. I just think some things should stay in the closet or worn at a different time. I mean, if they were attending the BET Hip-Hip awards or a SOURCE awards, then they could have gotten away with this. But when you are invited to the Grammy’s, then dress like you got some d_mn sense! I am not gonna buy his or her albums either way, so the N*gger shirts are not making me want to go to Target and their get their latest work. They are just stupid for this!

  2. I agree with Marcus…come on now!

  3. I think they look hot! I dunno if I agree with the statement, they do look like they’re seeking attention… but they look good! You guys should check out the video at CNN!

  4. Jocelyn, how can anyone look “hot”, when they obviously look stupid as h_ll!? That is a big oxymoron. Plain and simple, they should NOT have even entertained the thought of wearing this gear to the Grammy’s.

  5. It is so sad what people will do nowdays for attention…it’s obvious that their promoting his album….sigh…wrong place and time….

  6. Both Nas and Kelis are appropriately labeled. JMO

  7. LOL @ Chocl8t! I think I agree.
    They are doing such a disservice to our community right now.

  8. Yeah, but I love her pants and the style of the jacket! I can’t like the style??

  9. @ Jocelyn: You are just in the hot seat today. :)

  10. Sad indeed. There is nothing to be proud of right there.

  11. pure ignorance…. he looks like a tired washed up pimp and she looks like his cracked out,drunk,meth smoking hooker. and hopefully thaty were both high on all of the above so they can have an excuse for wearing that mess to the grammys….even getting it made was a huge mistake ……jesus take the will, what is obama to do when you still have ignorant folks like this couple messing things up for all of us. what an embarrassment for us all , don’t buy his cd and to you parents don’t buy it for your children. real talent don’t need gimmicks to sell records.

  12. Another exhibition of BUFOONERY, people such as Nas has it in their DNA to make asses of themselves, the boy simply can’t help it.

  13. what the hell… Correct me if I’m wrong but I think he’s going to lose respect in the black community for that one.

  14. Maybe if the “N” word had been proceeded by “R.I.P.” to commemorate the word’s ignominious death and burial. But, absent that, I think Goldfinger characterized it best with “BAFOONERY.” I would love to have seen the white folks’–and more intelligent Black folks’–reactions to this. Quincy Jones or Stevie Wonder or Aretha shoulda gone up to them, made them go get their own switches, and proceeded to treat ‘em like our enslaved ancestors.

  15. Wow! I’m not sure what to think about this either. I guess I can see both sides of the spectrum. 1. Album sales 2. Nas has always been very conscious, so it will be worth listening to what he has to say about the “N” word. Anyways, I’ll want to hear it before I buy it like any other album and decide for myself what value it has….

  16. Not feeling this at all. I understand Nas is trying to remain relevant in the rap game, but my friend this is the wrong way of doing so-

  17. You have been tagged!

  18. GARBARGE!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. I just consider the source, They say everything else don’t they?!

  20. at least they looked decent, but they really shouldnt have wore them. it doesnt look tacky or nuffin, i dont think. but hey should have just left it out

  21. I really think I wanna get Kelis’ haircut…

  22. The first thing that comes to mind is “I’m so hood…”


  24. Marcus LANGFORD(And every other critic),

    It is quite noticeable that you have never listened to anything what Nas had to say on his albums or in magazines.

    Preach about what you know.

  25. First of all people wear things to promote their projects all the time or do shameless plugs when their given a mic. Second it shouldn’t matter that its the Grammys after all it is an award show dedicated to diverse artist whom express themselves in different ways through music anyways. Third you can go into a bookstore and pick up a book that is tittled NIGGER (which has been out for a while) where was the outcry about that? Maybe because the people that are complaining don’t read or they just love to hate on hip hop bc of its origin. Finally to say that a word is dead is ignorant. Words are the essences of knowledge and info no matter what the connotations may be, and to bury and act like it never existed is true ignorance

  26. WooHoo give it to em Flawless!! The album is actually VERY good and VERY informative and thought provoking. However, It may be complex to some who are not on that level or who simply are just blind to the fact… Sometimes you have to see other perspectives on things and be so quick to come to a negative conclusion. Sometimes things are not always as they seem.

    —Now you know there had to be a good reason for them wearing those shirts!! But if you (and I admit I didn’t know) don’t know exactly where he was going with this at first you’d be like hold up G! I can see how it may have rubbed some folks the wrong way but should they have worn them? Who’s gonna stop em!?!

  27. and I’m mad late but it’s still valid!


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