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Magazine Cover Tag

I have the privilege of being tagged by Marcus Langford and Lisa C, and I couldn’t resist putting my babies on the cover of a magazine. If you can’t tell, I’m a proud mother. This tag is real simple, go to MagMyPic.com, create a cover, post it, and tag someone else. I tag Regina, Sincere, Rosemarie, Deidra, and Hotsauce.

59425def68a84d89485a1cef084f3de8 VOGUE med Magazine Cover Tag

20a44e215f23c77279f78b7b9cd7010c GQ med Magazine Cover Tag

51170251edc6bdf14470cd42c510071c SPORTSILLUSTRATED med Magazine Cover Tag

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  1. Those babies are precious. Enjoy them now before they grow up.

  2. Now see MG, I was getting ready to say how good you looked till I saw the babies, and your score went down, LOL! You know how cute your babies are.

    All of your covers are very nice, the hubby looking good too. :D

  3. Look at you and your gorgeous family! Beautiful!

  4. Durn! You know I ain’t photogenic like you lol :( I’ll find one of my old glamour shots lol…

  5. I like all of your covers. I have told you this before, but you have the cutest kids that I have seen in a long time; they are definitely magazine cover material. A very handsome family indeed sis!

  6. Thanks for the tag, mine is up! Those babies are beautiful, you are indeed blessed!

  7. AWWWW! Your babies are so cute!!! Beautiful family!!

  8. I knew you would have done one of your kids, Mommy Rocks!!! Thanks for playing lady :)

  9. Awww too cute. You work girl!

  10. Very cute family! ;)

  11. Dibs on either one of those little boys when they turn 21!

    I keed, I keed :-)

  12. your children are adorable, and your Vogue cover is nice! I loved this meme-

  13. Those are some cute babies! Truly blessed!

  14. possibly two of the cutest little people i’ve ever seen. awww.

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