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Johnny Gill & Eddie Murphy Are Not Gay, Stop With The Rumors

According to an interview with Jonny Gill on V103 in Chicago, Johnny Gill is not gay, nor is Eddie Murphy. The rumors as Johnny Gill describes them are, “absorb”. Johnny Gill maintains that he’s a heterosexual and that he and Eddie Murphy have been nothing but friends, for the last 24 years. Also for the record, Johnny Gill does not live with Eddie Murphy, he has his own home in Beverly Hill. You don’t have to take my word for it, listen the audio below and decide for yourself…

Johnny Eddie Murphy Johnny Gill & Eddie Murphy Are Not Gay, Stop With The Rumors

[Part 1]

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Part 1 Johnny Gill Interview

On Eddie’s Marriage:

Eddie Murphy and Tracy Edmonds divorce was not over Johnny Gill, it was over Tracy Edmonds crazy family. You need to listen to part 2 because he blows the whistle on Tracy Edmonds. Johhny Gill reveals that Tracy Edmonds called Eddie Murphy’s mom a few inappropriate names, and family civil war broke out.

[Part 2]

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Part 2 Johnny Gill Interview

To hear more of what Johnny has to say visit V103 Chicago.

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  1. I think the most interesting thing about this rumor is that it has NO EVIDENCE, it’s just somebody’s ugly fantasy that has spread and been repeated over and over and over and over again. I personally think that it’s disgusting and very small of the constant repeaters of the rumor.

    If they were beating up on Eddie for his “real” tranny incident, that’s another animal because it’s true. But this thing is pure funk.

  2. It is amazing how people make up things…now Eddie is suspect…but Johnny? Where on earth did that come from?

    I totally agree with Shelia on this one…let this go!

  3. This is “absorb”; lol. Who cares about Johnny Gill anyway. He probably keeps to rumor alive to remain relevant-

  4. Regarding JG and EM…who cares if they are gay are not? I don’t!! I’m so like…whatev!! (insert Valley Girl accent) LOL
    Now regarding Eddie’s and Tracey’s relationship/marriage/divorce, a couple of words immediately come to mind. CIRCUS! TRAINWRECK!

  5. Quick, you are funny!

    Eddie, a definite yes to his twirl, I have no doubt…but the Johnny thing just never rang true to me. Who knows? Or really cares about Johnny?

    Happy Anniversary btw, Mrs, GV :-)

  6. @ IW: Thanks so much! I was trying to figure out how you knew, but now I know…

  7. Not that there’s anything wrong with that…

  8. I know they are not gay but that picture is funny! That girl look mad as hell lol.

  9. Jonney gill takes it up the ass and Eddie is a TOP

  10. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were “together” or ” foolin around”. I dont’ put anything past celebrities they think their invincible because there is no limit to the things they can do…

  11. Did you know the photo above was photoshopped and Johnny was added in later? The original photo appeared in the Enquirer and shows only Eddie and a female date.

    This is how the whole rumor has run. People make up lies, photoshop pictures, and keep disrespecting a man who just don’t deserve this.

    Oh well, maybe after Johnny gets a new cd out people will focus back on what’s really important about him…THAT MAN CAN SANG!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. JG is one of the top male vocalists ever! Name one singer out right now, that could even hold his mic cord…i didn’t think so! He may not be popular to the masses, but to some of us”true” Lovers of GREAT music, he is still very relevant!

  13. Personally, I do not believe that Johnny Gill is gay! Even if he is; so what, I’m not trying to sleep with him! All I care about with him is that he continues to utilize and share with the world his God given talent.
    As for Eddie; well he use to gay bash in his monologues and those who accuse another of a crime is more likely guilty of that crime themselves!

  14. See allot of information is allegations? And furthmore is this your concern. The American Gay media cause this romor, and continue.
    To hamper and prompt indifference, do the fans. Actually care majority
    doesn’t why? Gays have gotten respect somewhat in America. And
    most whom no the arts are aware Gays contributed to industry. Now
    back to the men if so shall it enhance respect from Black community.
    Towards Gays answer is no and stop bashing I find this hard. To believe
    and still the conservative element within America especially Blacks.
    Which are gender what ever the Black female says. Is paramount what
    ever has cause the gender roles. But if the men came out of Porn
    house this is appropriate why it degrades women. But as if openly
    Gay and men of color America has a problem with this. James Baldwin
    so many others immigrated to Europe as myself. And live in equality
    why it’s excepted before you ridicule. As yourself are you prejudice
    …instill discriminatory. Treatment towards people whom are different
    but you decry. Blacks are treated indifferently, this bias so allow people
    to enjoy. Life and what you heard from the distorted American media.
    Yeah, only story telling why haven’t the Black Gay media. write about
    the former Governor of New Jeresy racism in the Castro. That is San
    Francisco yes the city of liberalism Black Gays are denied. Participation
    in majority events and nightclubs. Since an incident among crime
    and the media White gays. Favor the viictim whom was White gay male.
    So these are things of interest. Which far more imperative then this
    meaningless garabage. You need to address imporatant Gay issue.
    To benefit all us no matter Gay or Straight. Once again thank you
    for this article then you ask yourself. What happen to freedom in America
    I forgotten …(Eddie and Johnny) making Blacks folks. Look bad this
    subjective read belween the lines. You be concern about your life okay
    and leave indiviiduals privacy along! Sorry if I offended a opininated Black person!


  16. I think none of this nonsense iz true people just need to mind there business stop hatin n worry bout themselves thats all jg is too fine too be gay and for eddie hes cool and i dont think hes gay at all past bad judgements hangin with da wrong crowd and people hes a good man like johnny and the funniest eva like somebody said jg is one of the best top male vocalists eva to grace us with his god given talent i cant wait for his new cd to come out ima b da first ta get it johnny is hot sexy sweet soultry and possess everything and every quality in a man that every woman dreams of and wants and thats (for) real by the way everbody who is saying eddie is gay knows they were laughing there buttz off when eddie did delirious and raw and their families also when jg came out with ne even when he went solo all the women were hot fa him n know that they still r and all the men thought and knew he was da man back the day so there holla atcha girl

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