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Beyonce & Jay-Z Dining Alone Oscar Night

Beyonce snubbed the Oscars to spend a quiet evening dining at La Esquina in New York City. I don’t blame her, it was nothing exciting going on, and that’s why many of us bloggers decided not to cover it. I still think something is going on with her, I guess she’s not pregnant, but something has changed. Just for fun, I have included pictures of her last outfits, they are all baggy and that’s just not her style. I keep asking myself why do I care, I don’t know, I’m nosy and it’s just that simple.

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  1. That Jessica Simpson weave is not working for her!!

    And yeah the Oscars were BORING!! As usual! I watched Malcolm X on TV1 instead!


  2. I have little to say about Beyonce, so I will just let you know that I have tagged you over at my spot :-]

  3. I might be the only one that think that weave she got is hot! It really make her glow – I thought she was somebody else at first. She doesn’t look happy but she’s looking cute in the first picture.

  4. …i love me some B, but i’m not a big fan of that blond bob she’s got going-

  5. She’s gaining weight for her upcoming role. That’s why the clothes are baggy. She’s playing Etta James and she was not stick thin. They start filming in march. imdb.com seacrxh “cadillac records” for movie info.

  6. I say NAY on the blond wig

  7. I think she is prepping for the Etta Movie. I love Etta James, but I do not love Beyounce so I will have to make a very hard decision on whether to watch it or not. I hope she doesn’t screw it up, she’s not the best actress you know!!

  8. Bottom line she put “ASSES” in the seats she has a bulit in audience.We all know she can’t act worth a daam

  9. I think she looks better without the tight vagisil clothing….

  10. I agree BeyoncĂ© is a bad actress! One thing she can’t do, ha! But she’s so sexy, no one even notices…

  11. i dont like that blond either and i was loveing the black but who is that fine ass man she with her body guard damnn!

  12. She look great and I hope that she takes the time to master this role. Etta James are some huge shoes to fill. I want to see her become a dignified Triple Threat. As she get older her art should as well.

  13. jessica still rox so hate on haters!!

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