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I’ve BeenTagged…

Posted by on Feb 13, 2008 in MrsGrapevine | 11 comments

I have been tagged by Marcus Langford and Cassandra of Celeb-Blitz.

The rules are simple: You will have to tag 5 other bloggers and just keep adding on to the list. (Do not replace, just keep on adding! Yes we hope it will be a long list!). It’s real easy! Tag others and see your Technorati Authority increase exponentially! I’m always down to increase my stats!

The benefits of Viral Linking:- One of the fastest ways to see your technorati authority explode!- Increase your Google PageRank fast- Attract large volume of new traffic to your site- Build your community- Make new friends!

Now here we go…
The Strategist Notebook, Link Addiction, Ardour Of The Heart, When Life Becomes A Book, The Malaysian Life, Yogatta.com, What goes Under The Sun, Roshidan’s Cyber Station, Sasha Says, Arts Of Physics, And The Legend Lives, My View, My Life, A Simple Life, What women REALLY think, Not Much More Than This, Jayedee, Jenn, Beth,Christie, Marla, Cailin, Simone, Flip Flop Mom, Katrina, Gill’s Jottings, Work Of A Poet, Wakela, Modern Day Goddess, Livin With Me, A Simple Life,Verb, Random Thoughts, I’m Running To Win Two, Regina’s Family Seasons, Lifesong, The Laughs Will Go On, Military Mom, The Vasquez 3, Brik-See-Us, Five Dollar Shake, My Three Wisemans, You Betta Recognize, Miscellaneous Matters, Opinionated Black Woman, The Happy Go Lucky Bachelor, Slausin-Ass Slausin, Word On The Street, Invisible Woman, Dark Brotha, The Black Actor, The Happy Go Lucky Bachelor, The People Who Could Fly Project, The Luscious Librarian, Sincere Thoughts, That Hotness, Celeb Blitz, Lisa C Writes, Mind Of Marcus, Raw Dawg Buffalo, Kreative Talk, Real Stars Don’t Struggle To Shine, BlogXilla, Mrs. Grapevine, Repping Beantown, Famous Kroegers, What would Thembi Do, Style Razz, Marvalus One, Invisible Woman, Yobachi, Villager, Jimmy

I added the following:

Marvalus One

Invisible Woman




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Blogsophere Author: Sheils Goss – New Book, ‘Double Platinum’

Posted by on Feb 13, 2008 in Read More Books | 3 comments

I was suppose to post this two weeks ago, but I am behind on some promises, so I need to catch up. Sheils Goss, is a frequent visitor here at MrsGrapevine.com, and she has two blogs that she operates, SheilaGoss.com, and E-Spire Entertainment News. Sheila is also a talented writer who has written four novels, My Invisible Husband; Roses Are Thorns, Violets Are True; Paige’s Web; and her new book: Double Platinum. Sheila is also the recipient of three Shades of Romance Magazine Readers Choice Multi-Cultural Awards and honored as a Literary Diva: The Top 100 Most Admired African American Women in Literature.

An evocative look at the music industry from the inside. Double Platinum is a gripping portrayal of one woman’s quest to climb back to the top of the charts while overcoming personal obstacles.”

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