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Today Is Super Tuesday – Please Go Vote On Your Way To Starbucks

Posted by on Feb 4, 2008 in MrsGrapevine, Politics | 14 comments

I’m so excited, I live in Texas and can’t vote until March, but you beautiful people who live elsewhere please go vote. I can’t tell you who to vote for, but you should feel compelled to make history by leaving your computer and going to the nearest precinct. Do me a favor, if you live in one of the lucky 19 states and you voted today or in early voting drop me a comment. I want to see all my voting friends.

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Erykah Badu Speaks On Love Lost In Giant Magazine

Posted by on Feb 4, 2008 in Celebrity Couples, Celebrity Fashion, Celebrity Magazine, Celebrity Photos, Magazine Covers | 12 comments

Erykah Badu in an interview with Giant Magazine gives up a small glimpse into her relationships with Andre 3000 and Common.

“I know about the backlash, the ‘Erykah Badu, if you look at her, she’ll make you change gods and wear crochet pants’ backlash,” she says. “But nobody looks at the things that those people have given to me.”

What have they given you?

“Just so much musical freedom. Common is the most humble person I ever met. Kind and generous. He reinforced that in me. Andre is very creative and artistic. All of that that you see of him, that’s all him. That’s how he is, and that gave me a creative push, too.”

Although Badu is fairly cryptic when discussing her old beaus, she allows this brief, whispered indulgence.

“With Andre, we were both very young, so we didn’t know what we wanted or anything. We just knew we were in love, and we didn’t care who saw us. With Common, it was a little bit more mature.”


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Black Love: Michelle & Barack Obama Edition

Posted by on Feb 4, 2008 in Celebrity Couples, Politics | 20 comments

Not since the Reagans, have I seen a political couple that seems so in love. Say what you will about Ronald Reagan, but he was in love with his wife. Well, I have found a new couple that has that same energy, at least in picture they do… Michelle and Barack Obama. They are constantly kissing and embracing, unlike Billary who look more like best buds than husband and wife. Anyway I found this picture, and my immediate thought was, dayum…what is Barack whispering in Michelle’s ear?

“I never worry about things I can’t affect, and with fidelity . . . that is between Barack and me, and if somebody can come between us, we didn’t have much to begin with.”

I just couldn’t find that same passion with the Clintons or Billary as they are now known. In the first picture I can’t tell if they are huggin or if Hillary is trying to brush some lint off his suit. In the second, Hillary looks like she wants to pull away. I’m sure they’ve had that spark, but I can’t find a picture that captures it. They don’t hug and kiss like Barack and Michelle.



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Deion Sanders & Wife Pilar New Reality TV Show On Oxygen

Posted by on Feb 4, 2008 in Celebrity Couples, TV Shows | 4 comments

The official premier is Tuesday, April 15

I should have posted this Friday, so I could find out if any of you watched the series sneak peek during half time at the Super bowl. Well, If you missed it don’t worry you will have plenty of opportunities. From the clip it looks pretty entertaining, and since I am officially giving up the “Love” series on VH1, I should watch something more positive and representational of black love. Anyway, here is a sneak peak of the series, Deion & Pilar: Prime Time Love.

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