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Kelly Rowland Strips For The G-A-Y.

I am disappointed in Kelly Rowland, this is an example of poor wardrobe taste. It makes her seem desperate, and sometimes “any press just isn’t always good press”. These pictures were taking of Kelly Rowland as she performed at club G-A-Y Astoria in London. I understand these party can be edgy, but I guess it’s the poor record sales that make me suspect of Kelly Rowland’s choice. If she had performed in this get up at the height of Destiny Child’s career, maybe I would have accepted it more. Actually, if it had just a little bit more fabric, it wouldn’t be so bad.

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  1. Oh, how the mighty have fallen. I hope B is somewhere shakin’ her head at her home girl. I didn’t know Kelly was quite so, well, booty-licious? I hate those tops that squish a gal’s tittie meat up like that. Especially in that side shot, the one where you can see up her nostrils into her sinus cavities, it looks like there’s an alien or something trying to burst out of her chest.

  2. Siiiiiigh… that’s sad, really. It happens, I guess. Just like Britney at the VMA’s. The only thing I’m gonna do about that is shake my head in dismay and listen to more B! :^)

  3. Maybe, it’s because I am a man that can appreciate her outfit, but I am really not sure why people have a problem with what Kelly is wearing. I mean lets be honest, we have all seen a lot of worse from other performers. Just because is wearing this, does not spell disaster for her. Though her album did not do well, she obviously has fans. I happen to find her get up very sexy. The added weight on her frame has her looking hellagood and that booty…..quite nice! I know that everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I feel that she looks good and like I said, I have seen worse.

  4. @ML: It’s not her body that’s not the problem, and I’m not sure the outfit is either. It’s just the timing. You want to first establish yourself as an artist to be taken serious before taking off your clothes. I’m just not sure she has established herself as that artist. If this was Mariah, I would have passed on the story. Now people are thinking she’s desperate for the spotlight and media exposure.

  5. …personally, i’m not mad at the look. But i agree that she probably did it for attention, and press…well, it worked no? lol-

  6. I ain’t gonna front… I was thinking “WTF?!” until I saw the backend…

    I mean, she’s a good singer too… but is that a peacock outfit?!


  7. I see the angle Kelly’s going for but this does make her appear to be desperate but I guess Kelly’s flaunting it all until the day she can’t anymore. More power to her!

  8. Oowww shit, I ain’t mad at the girl!

    If it was my sister I would be, but since it’s not; Kelly give us more.

  9. WOOOOOOWWW! Maybe a change in management and/or record label is in order?

  10. She tries so hard. I like her, but she just needs to find herself or something.

  11. I always thought she was the sharpest one in the group. You go girl!

  12. yeah, she looks hot… !

  13. Wow! This is not her look! I’m so disappointed in her.. I don’t know what she is thinking!

  14. OH come on! siriously when beyonce is singing and dancing she is half naked no one seems to mind but if kelly does it everyone says it’s so Dissappointing wtf that doesn’t make sense.

  15. Hi kely alles goed met you good am lou kin good

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