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Halle Berry Baby Bump; Nicole Richie Post Baby Bump

Halle Berry countdown: it looks like the time is nearing. Halle Berry is out shopping once again, looking just fabulous.  Checkout Nicole Richie. These pictures are of Nicole Richie just two weeks after giving birth. Can we say, wow? Most petite women don’t bounce back so fast.

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  1. Most of the petite women I know that have had kids have bounced right back to their itty bitty figures. Almost immediately!

  2. I love Nicole Richie. I wonder how her life will play out now that she is a mom?!!

  3. I’m hoping for the best. In all her wildness, she seemed sweet, honest, and quite genuine. I hope those are the traits that dominate and make her into a good mom.

  4. Though, Halle looks like she’s about to snuff someone in that second photo LOL!


  5. Halle Berry is a beautiful woman-pregnancy suits her. As for Nicle Richie:Are we at all surprised that she is down to a size zero?

  6. @Saucy: No we not surprised, Although I hoped she would keep some weight.

    @ Jay: That’s the mother bear coming out in Halle, we all know she got it in her.



  9. I think skinny people should really keep the ‘baby weight’ on! It’s called looking natural people! Kudos to Nicole for getting her figure back, but hun you did not need to!!!

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