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Bobby Brown Is A Daddy, Again?

This is the best that I have seen Bobby Brown look in a long time. I guess be the proud co-owner a new puppy can change anybody.

bobby brown puppy Bobby Brown Is A Daddy, Again?

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  1. That taco bell dog is not very “Streets of Boston” of Bobby. He’s gonna lose his rep if he keeps on.

    Do you know he’s on a show called Gone County on CMT with some other has been entertainers. I saw the initial episode this weekend and he’s being much more sane on there then he was on Being Bobby Brown.

  2. @Yobachi: I just read about it this morning, oh my, I just hope New Edition keeps him on the upcoming album and tour.

  3. Good Afternoon MG!

    I must admit, he does look bathed, shaven and in clean clothes. This is a good thing. :D

    I just looked at him and Sisqo last night on that country version of Making The Band or something similar. I don’t know why, but I’ll be watching. This is too crazy.

  4. …after seeing him sleep on the couch of Super Head, i will never look at Bobby boy the same!

  5. I read the title and got scared, because we all know what a great job he did with lil Bobbi Christina! That poor dog…
    Anyway at least he looks clean…er, than he usually does, that’s a start!

  6. @ Sheila: I will have to watch the show

    @ Quick: I love me some Bobby B, don’t nobody say anything bad about the King of R&B.

  7. Like father like son… wait, we’re talking about him being the daddy of the little dog, right? Oh, okay. Yeah, like I said… like father like son… LOL!


  8. @ Jay: Don’t make me go Whitney on you, I will defend Bobby B to the ends of the earth.

  9. uughhhh hes soo annoying just go away! instead of protecting and helping whitney at a time when she needed it like a good husband would do(she should have stuck with dating eddie murphy or arsenio hall), he got her hooked on drugs, thank god she off them and new album is due in november. as for him…. wow good thing hes not going to be a dad again, whitney made him as popular as he was in the end and as you can see now hes nothing but shes coming back, i guess we see who had/has the real talent… whitney! of course

  10. Kayla…are you serious??….it takes two to tango my dear. Yes, Whitney has got talent but it considered “wasted talent” these days. If she really wanted to make a comeback…she should of got off her lazy butt a long time ago. And if Bobby was such a bad influence on her….why did it take her so many years to wake up and smell the coffee?? Nobody made her stay with Bobby. Honestly, I found Whitney totally disoriented than Bobby on his reality show called “Being Bobby Brown”. Bobby just seemed normal to me (clowin and joking around most of the time) but normal than Whitney. Dont get me wrong, I hope Whitney does make a successful comeback but so does Bobby. I think he is talented as well. I dont care how many people bash him…..he’s still classic R&B talent too!

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