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Just When You Think Things Can’t Get Worst – CoCo, Ice-T’s Wife Proves Me Wrong

Posted by on Jan 3, 2008 in Celebrity Couples, Celebrity Photos | 7 comments

If you haven’t gotten it yet, this blog like to question the morality of Hollywood and is there any left. It has gotten to the point that people will do anything for slightest bit of fame and publicity. I have to question my morality when posting these pictures, but at the same time enough already. This woman dresses like this in public, meaning your children can get a glimpse of everything if you out and about and she walks by. Now it’s one thing to wear this to a porn convention, and I do understand she’s a car show, but women in bikinis are far less revealing than this. You have to question yourself if you think this outfit is OK. Why do people want this kind of fame?

Click picture for larger the view…
coco nono2.thumbnail Just When You Think Things Cant Get Worst   CoCo, Ice Ts Wife Proves Me Wrong  coco nono.thumbnail Just When You Think Things Cant Get Worst   CoCo, Ice Ts Wife Proves Me Wrong  coco nono3.thumbnail Just When You Think Things Cant Get Worst   CoCo, Ice Ts Wife Proves Me Wrong

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I’ve Been Tagged

Posted by on Jan 3, 2008 in MrsGrapevine | 4 comments

I ‘ve been tagged by two people Jay of Dat’Money.com and Lisa of Lisa C Writes, so I guess I will be good a sport and tell you a bit about myself. The original was too long and so I we are doing the short version.

The rules are as follows:
Simply link to the person who has tagged you, share seven weird things about yourself, tag seven bloggers to do the same and include a link to their blog, let each person know that they have been tagged and finally post the rules on your blog.

This will be hard.

  1. I am a private person and I don’t like revealing a lot about myself. I can’t say what you see is what you get because it takes time to know and understand all of me. I will let you believe what you want even if it’s not right.
  2. I started this blog because my mother was going through terminal stages of cancer, and I just wanted something surreal. Escapism…
  3. I love watching cartoons with my son, and Teen Nick and Disney with my sister-in-law. I am sad That’s So Raven has come to an end.
  4. I love being a wife and a mother, and my husband is truly my best friend, and that’s not a cliche.
  5. I am a Christian, and I don’t understand how people can’t believe in God, but can believe in The Big Bang Theory.
  6. My family values are conservative, but I am moderate Democrat.
  7. I can be very opinionated, but I learn over the years if you listen first and argue second, you will learn more than you thought you were teaching.

So there you go, and that’s a lot…

I’m tagging Mes Deux Cents, Regina, Quick, Hotsauce, Tayo, Dustlynn, & Chelle

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The Grapevine Reports…

Posted by on Jan 3, 2008 in Juicy Gossip | 2 comments

mgspot The Grapevine Reports...


Teach your man how to shower… [That’s Not Hot]

Jay-Z known by some as Gay-Z…[Blogxilla]

Kelis dropped by label, but still setting fashion trends…[Str8 Outta NYC]

Vivica Fox’s sex tape scandal…[Pop Junkie]

Has DMX found Jesus or is he still on crack [Necole Bitchie]

Tailor Made really loves New York [Cake & Ice Cream]

Susanne L. Taylor, editor of Essence, stepping down [Style Razzi]

Watch out Jay-Z, Kanye and Beyonce playing games together [Celebrity Blitz]

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Chris Stokes, Raz B, Ricky Romance Are Back Together Again

Posted by on Jan 3, 2008 in Celebrity News, Videos | 2 comments

I didn’t post anything on this story because it just sound suspect from the beginning. The whole thing started because Raz B mom couldn’t get into a Chris Stokes event, so now Raz B and brother, Ricky Romance tells the world they were molested by Christ Stokes. Allegations that serious, you don’t just blast it on Youtube, you usually get a lawyer and talk about your options for legal and civil suits. Anyway, the kissing cousins are back together, as seen on TMZ. All three of them Raz B, Chris Stokes, and Rick Romance. I don’t understand how you can make claims of pedophilia, incest, and rape and everything is all cool. Video available after the jump…

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Kanye West & Beyonce On A Playdate

Posted by on Jan 3, 2008 in Celebrity Humor | 1 comment

We forget sometimes that celebrities, some celebrities, are just normal people. I like the normal side of celebrity. I think a lot more people will like to see the real person come out sometimes, instead of the super persona and ego. I don’t know about you, but I love to play Connect Four. Check out Kanye’s face you know he is serious with the competition, you can tell he’s use to winning, but Beyonce proves to be more than just a beauty…Kanye reports Beyonce beat him 9 times in a row.

[Source: Kanye West Blog]

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