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MrsGrapevine Exclusive: Kenya More Interview – Game, Get Some!

You asked the questions, and Kenya Moore graciously answered. I must say she is kind and thoughtful to take the time to answer so many questions. If you have not purchased the book, please do so, help support positive talent.


kenya moore book3 MrsGrapevine Exclusive: Kenya More Interview   Game, Get Some!

Kenya Moore: Thank you for the opportunity to allow me to answer the questions that inquiring minds want to know! lol. I love to reach the people who have supported me throughout my career.

MGV: How hard is it to find “atypical” roles as a black female actress in Hollywood?

KM: I think there are less and less roles for African American women. I think the answer to this deficit is to create our own roles and opportunities. I’ve created my own production company and I’ve personally produced 3 films so far and currently I am an Executive Producer on a movie starring Meagan Good entitled “Sundays in fort Greene”.

MGV: With reality shows like I Love New York and Flavor of Love becoming increasingly popular, do you feel that African-American women in Hollywood should be more selective in the characters they portray?

KM: Trick question! Those reality shows are most often “bafoonery”. Those aren’t actors in those shows they are characters that networks exploit in order to get higher ratings. Unfortunately, these characters are being pushed into the limelight and made to be pseudo celebrities for 15 minutes. African Americn actors in Hollywood should continue to seek roles that are motivating and fulfilling to them. I would personally like to see less of these reality shows and more shows that highlight us as beautiful, intelligent, and involved in universal stories and not made to be cartoonish spectacles.

MGV: Does the color of your skin bring unnecessary challenges in Hollywood? What are some of those challenges?

KM: It’s always a challenge being black. We are slowly being replaced by Latina actresses and reality TV stars. The key again is to create and write your own material.

MGV: As the second black woman to win the crown, do you feel you have well represented being Miss USA, and what do you feel is your legacy?

KM: I am constantly being told I represented the title well. I had a wonderful year and was able to reach a lot of people. So many little girls remember me, me and women alike, young and old. I appreciate the title the most because it was my voice that was heard. As an actress, you are reading lines, so you are in a sense a hired gun or puppet. But what is encouraging is my writing. I began to feel like Hollywood was making me lose my voice. I enjoy motivating and uplifting people and overall encouraging them to live their dreams. As the second AA women to win the title, I hope my legacy is that of hope and encouragement. I know how important it was for me to see women who looked like me (black women) in positions that seemed impossible or unattainable. Now we have Condoleezza Rice, Oprah Winfrey, Chandra Grimes, Suzanne Depasse and so on. All women who are amazing role models. I am often told that women and young girls are most proud of me winning the title because of my dark skin. Because of that, many were encouraged to believe that we can see beyond color lines, and hopefully look to what is most important- that is one’s inner beauty, one’s personhood, and one’s purpose in life.

MGV: What role did your grandmother have in helping you achieve these milestones in your life?

KM: Every role! My grandmother raised me to be positive and smart, and kind, and thoughtful. She taught me the importance or respecting your elders and the love of god and respecting myself. She is primarily, if not solely, responsible for the woman I am today. She made me believe I could do anything and there is no one in the world that can take that from me.

MGV: Game, how much do you have, and what was the concept behind writing this book?

KM: Lol! I have a lot of game! lol! I’ve been told that by many men. But game is a not a negative thing that many believe it to be. It’s just having finesse and technique but there are never lies or deceit involved.

MGV: Quick lesson for those that haven’t read the book, yet. What is the one thing that women really want that men always seem to ignore?

KM: An active listener and a good friend. Women naturally do this. We instinctively know what our girlfriends need and know how to be there for her emotionally. However, men often miss the mark in this area.

MGV: In the book you discuss sex and what women really want from men when the lights are out, do you feel there is a double standard between men and women when it comes to premarital sex standards? Are women often unfairly labeled when they express themselves sexually?

KM: I don’t believe they are unfairly labeled. But again, there is a technique. It is not often what you say but how you say it that is key.

MGV: Game: What is the funniest or worst pick-up line you have ever had tossed your way?

KM: There are too many!! but they are all in my book: What’s your number; I lost mine…My pet peeve is when you say no that you do not want to give your number out, then the man says that he just wants to be your friend. That is the worse. We both know that is not the truth and men will say anything to get your information. But women like a confident man, so if she is not feeling you, he should think it’s her loss. But be very respectful and accept that, do not call her all kinds of b*thces lol! You know, the ones that say, “She is a ho,” because she slept with everyone but you. lol!

MGV: What is the one thing about men that women should know? What red flags do women ignore that lead them to choosing the wrong mate?

KM: Disrespect, anger, control issues, infidelity, dishonesty, abusive language or behavior

MGV: If you had to choose between acting and writing, which would you chose? What has your experiences with writing this book, taught you about yourself? Are there future books on the horizon?

KM: I love them both. acting if it is an amazing role with a great director and great actors. writing because I can express myself and encourage, and help others and myself in the process.

MGV: What has your experiences with writing this book, taught you about yourself? What has your experiences with writing this book, taught you about yourself? Are there future books on the horizon?

KM: Many things. My shortcomings, my strengths, the pattern in the men I date, why I’ve fallen in love as opposed to who I’ve fallen in love with. What are my deal breakers, how can I be a better communicator, how to always fight fair and uplift my brothers and never tear them down… many lessons too numerous to name.

MGV: Are there future books on the horizon?

KM: Absolutely! I wrote a memoir called Invisible. I’m very proud of my writing and I’m happy that people are responding so positively to my works, it’s very encouraging. It’s important to mention that I self published this book because so many publisher’s wanted to offer me a low advance because they said I’m writing to an audience that doesn’t read. Meaning, “black men”. I want to prove them wrong and my goal is to make the NY Times Best Sellers List. So please buy my book!!! It’s a good, funny, and entertaining book. You will enjoy it. We are already on our second printing. So I thank everyone who has bought it already. Check your local bookstores and if they don’t have it ask for them to order it or you can go to Amazon.com to purchase it.

Thanks again for continuing to support all my endeavors. Check out my website often at kenyamoore.com to keep abreast of all my future projects. love ya!!

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  1. Thanks for including my questions! Hot, hot interview. Love your site!-

  2. Ahh…so it seems Kenya does actually have a bit of game to share indeed!

  3. Lies! ALL lies! I don’t see my question about me having a chance with her LOL… well, good interview and you are lucky as hell to get to do it!


  4. Great interview! I am a reader from Sweden, I¨ve been in your site lots of week now. I love your blog! Keep it your style!

    Bless u, and take care

  5. Wow, that was great!! I enjoyed reading your questions for Kenya and her answers were very insightful. I never knew much about her before this, except the fact that she was the ‘#2′. She seems smart, classy and has a good sense of humor. Her outside beauty just adds to what’s already inside.
    I love how she answered your question about ‘reality tv’, it came with a punch and was very straight forward.
    Congratulations honey, see you at the top!

  6. Keny Moore you so fine I wish I’m with you so I can make sweet love to you. By the way. Happy Birthday!

  7. Kenya Moore you so fine I wish I’m with you so I can make sweet love to you. By the way, Happy Birthday!

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