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Why Are You Still Buying Albums From This Man…R Kelly

Ne-Yo was kicked off the tour with R. Kelly after only two shows. My guess, Ne-Yo was getting too much love from the teens, and R. Kelly got jealous. Ne-Yo breaks it down to Ed Lover the reasons behind the split. My question is, why are people still buying R. Kelly albums? He is a diva, an alleged pedophile (amongst other things). Anyway, Ne-Yo had me rolling at the ridiculousness we call R. Kelly, so check out the interview.

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Ne-Yo Talks About R. Kelly

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  1. i was just talkin’ to my girlfriend about this sorry n_gga. r.kelly is just an utter disgrace. i have never been a fan of him anyway and his runs of child porn and under age sex just disgust me beyond words. why do people (especially black people) support this guy. they continue to buy his music and drop hundreds of dollars down to see this n_gga in concert knowing that he sleeps with under age girls. if people took the time to see how deep this type of scandal runs, they would not be apt to support it.

    think about it. for every cd, mp3/itune download, poster, record, radio spin, and concert ticket that is purchased, it’s paying for that same home in which he performs all of his lude sex acts on his young victims. sure the girls may know better, but i hold HIM more responsible.

    i also pissed that the justice system sees fit to let this guy go about his life like nothing ever happened. he is out here touring and recording his _ss off. the n_gga needs to be in jail…better yet, he needs to be in a max security prison bunkin’ wit’ ‘bang-out bubba’. i can not wait until he is convicted and if for any reason he is found not guilty, then i believe i would definitely picket and protest!

    ms. g, you ready to ride for the cause sistah!? lol.


  2. …makes no sense. R Kelly is too dang old to be acting like this. EGO makes me loose respect for so many people.

  3. why is anyone on tour with this man?

  4. I can\’t wait til he goes on tour again!!!! Im definitely in there!!! I hope they takin a break. They need time away from each other.

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