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Vivica Fox In A Bikini On The Beach

Look at Vivica Fox showing off her 43-year-old-bod on Miami Beach. Vivica and friends took some time off to relax. I know you see Borris Kodjoe in the sunglasses, trying to get a side glance.

vivica a fox 18 Vivica Fox In A Bikini On The Beach

vivica fox bikini Vivica Fox In A Bikini On The Beach

vivica fox Vivica Fox In A Bikini On The Beach

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  1. She looks good. And wwwwhere is Nicole and his two babies….jus’ kidding. I don’t think Boris play that. Well, let’s hope not.

  2. I was thinking the same thing…lately I’ve been seeing pics of Boris out but no Nicole.

  3. She’s looking good! I applaud all women who care enough to take care of themselves, it ain’t no joke keeping it up but it’s worth every bit of pain ;)

  4. she looks aight for her age, but at the same time, i never really thought she was all that… hey, it’s just an opinion lol


  5. @ Jay: A little cellulite don’t hurt nobody. I think she was beautiful back in the day before all the work. When she was on Fresh Prince.

    @Chelle & Sheila G: Where is Nicole! Maybe she’s getting her body right after birthing two kids, so she too, can be on the beach sporting a 2-piece.

    @Lisa C: I applaud them, too. I haven’t seen a gym and my baby is now 7 months.

  6. Jay- I agree, I never thought that Vivica was all that.. Tooo Ghetto
    But I do agree with the rest of you.. Nicole is getting it together and when she steps back on the scene she is going to blow them away…
    I don’t believe that Boris has eyse for anyone else.. He spent to long chancing Nicole, so he is not going to mess that up.. SMILE

  7. Vivica Fox ain’t been hot since…..since….hell, I don’t know when she was ever hot. She did look kinda good when she was wearin’ that form-fittin’ dress when she was with Fiddy.


  8. Vivica A. Fox looks good for her age. @ bad yall not gonna look like dat when u get 43. She feels young to do wutever she wants to her body . whether u lik it or not. And Marcus Langford fuck u. get a fuckin lyfe

  9. I think Vivicia is a beautiful woman. Not very many 43 year olds can look that good, come people stop hating on her.

  10. She looks good and we shouldn’t be haten people!!! She a beautiful women with alot of talent. To be 43 and wearing a two pc is a wonderful thing. Also for the men that ‘s tryn to hate. You know if she gave you the time of day you would jmp at the chance.


  12. Vivica looks great at 43, I hope to look as good in 20years (im sure I will) but her being ghetto so that means whoever made that comment you have sat down w/ ms. Vivica and had a convo, you can’t judge someone on the characters that they play, some people have nothing better to do than hate on others I have one thing to say to all the haters of the fabulous Vivica, “Hi Haters”

  13. Everyone has their own opinion. Granted she’s a beautiful black woman. Ms. Vivica only needs to tone here and there. Some people put people down when they’ve their own insecurites. All of us have our problems that need to be met. We all need to check ourselves than to judge her. Vivica’s being a black actress its hard to really get popular parts in Hollywood. Society see her on these parts many people assume she’s ghetto. Before you judge her and say negative comments. If you know her personally, socialize and hangout with her then you have the right to judge her. If you don’t know her. Shut the f— up.

  14. Man that biotch should be in a one peice swim suit with that fat a$$ belly hanging out… She still thinks she is 25 yo… I think she is attractive in cloths, but I agree, she is a ghetto acting hoe that makes her very unattractive…


  15. Please, really she is gorgeous, no doubt about that. at 43 looks younger. we should give credit to her beauty rather than giving negative comments. Anyway there are no goodmen for her guys. If i had one chance to have her one night. i will definitely gonna take that opportunity she is sexy( i am 18 years old). Age is a just a number. Out…..


  17. Take a real good look at that guy in the photo…..it’s not Boris.

  18. I didn’t know this would help with fat

  19. i cant wear two piece and im 28! she looks damn good!!!!!!!!

  20. The only reason I am on this page is because no matter what anyone says she puts herself together and she looks Great for her age. I know if I try hard enough despite the babies, I can get there.

  21. I feel you on that one Connie because I’m just 21 and also cannot wear a two-piece either.

  22. hahaha THE FOX IS STILL AT IT. Do yo thang! Many women can’t show anything at 23 and would die if anyone saw them showing the least bit of skin at 43! I think she looks great! Rep NAPTOWN GIRL!! Arlington :) Much love,

  23. OK…so she’s a tad soft in middle. Who gives a damn? She is still one of the coldest middle-aged sistas in Hollywood. And all you cats that’s talkin’ that bullshit know good n hell well that you would smash if you had the chance. Do ya thang Shante Smith!

  24. dam i will give everything just to go on a date with her she is my dream duh life is unfair

  25. ok whoever david and marcus is yall really need to quit hatin on her. vivica is beautiful and has been since people have seen her on the big screen. there are not many 43 year olds that can maintain a body like that. and she didnt just recently have a star-studded body, vivica has had a nice body and has been a gorgeous woman since she started acting. yall haters just need to stop all the hatin and judgin. cause i highly doubt u will ever have a 43-year old girlfriend that looks like that.
    Vivica i think u look good girl. keep doin watever u doin cause its workin. u r really beautifulllll!!!!!

  26. she look good

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