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Rihanna Eating Fried Food In All Her Natural Beauty

I just love to see celebrities without all the glitz and glamor. Honestly, people are killing themselves to look like these people not knowing it’s all camera and lights. Rihanna is a beautiful girl, but she licks her fingers one at a time after eating friend chicken just like you or me. Don’t believe, take a look for yourself:

rihanna chicken Rihanna Eating Fried Food In All Her Natural Beauty

rihanna chicken2 Rihanna Eating Fried Food In All Her Natural Beauty

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  1. …i posted these as well! …boy those fries must have been on point! lol

  2. Rihanna looks like she’s recovering from a night on the town! Look at her hair and eyes, she should have ordered in, LOL!

  3. in that third pic (the bottom left), she looks stuffed; almost like she is belching or getting ready to belch. but then take a look at that fourth pic and she is about fill ‘er up. go ‘head ri ri…we ain’t madtcha baby.


  4. I’m just surprised no-one has noticed her friend’s pinky toe all in the shot. Put your shoe back on, you are ruining the shot.

  5. HAHAHA She looks like she just gettin out of horror movie Rihana SUX!!! Beyonce is the real REAL star…

  6. You guys are all something else, so what if she has no make up on. It’s normal, being famous does hsve it’s toll on you. You need to look at yourselves first thing in the morning no-one looks good. Thats peopls problems these days always putting people down, just leave the damn girl, you guys just hating LOL

  7. You guys are ridiculous why dont you honestly get a life and leave them alone not everyone is perfect so what I bet you do that with you shoes or are you just mad because ur not in the picture like they are… Everyone splurges on food so what they are just caught like that because they are stars but they are human let them live there own life goodness gracious!!

  8. as far as I see, she is still beautiful with or without the make up. Everyone have hater

  9. Wow, this is great. Another stupid website run by someone with nothing better to do. A waste of time.

  10. yall chill out so what if she doesnt look like how she looks on tv that is all part of being a star stop hating so what if she looks bad she is really beautiful y dont u haters look at urself in the morning u probaly would break the mirror leave these stars alone i hate paparazzi or whatever if i was a star i would kill them leave these alone stop hating

  11. loving here!The best with or without macup…!!dont give a **** what anybody else is saying!
    She is the BEST!

  12. Ehhh…I wish to meet Rihanna!! I love her!

  13. She is even more beautiful without make up … super cute !

  14. hell she is dat scary thing

  15. this is bitch

  16. Uh she still looks gorgeous. her skin is amazing. so flawless even without makeup. her legs look hot too <3

  17. I think is good to look at clebs with out make up on there just the saem as us there not supper human ther us and we love them even with out mkae up on its great but she not as preety as ithought she would be

  18. hunni the only thing wrong wit those pics is u look a lil tired mayb a few more winks in the future other than that ur geoureous!!!!and u rock!! love..

  19. she looks fine… its just that we always see her with makeup… happens 2 everyone :)


  21. It’s sad that who ever took this pic has nothing better to do but stock Rihanna. Get a life

  22. hiç türk yok mu ya bence bizim türk ?ark?lar? daha güzel

  23. i should run to her window with a butcher knife and cut her head off and bring it to my house and eat the tongue freshly right out of the mouth and feed my dog the rest of her head!!!!! damn she delicious!!!!!

  24. she is beautiful anyhow because she has beautiful skin, eyes, and bone structure,and there is something about her as a person i like

  25. wow!! she looks amazing even without makeup!! naturaly beauty

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