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Pepa Of Salt-N-Pepa Celebrates 43rd Birthday

Who nose what Pepa got for her birthday, I mean who knows? She looks refreshed at her 43rd birthday party at the Brava Nightclub in Puerto Rico to help launch the opening of the El San Juan Hotel & Casino. Gabrielle Union, Nick Lachey, and Vanessa Minnillo were also there. Talk about random.

salt n pepa4 Pepa Of Salt N Pepa Celebrates 43rd Birthday

salt n pepa3 Pepa Of Salt N Pepa Celebrates 43rd Birthday

poolside Pepa Of Salt N Pepa Celebrates 43rd Birthday

gabrielle union2 Pepa Of Salt N Pepa Celebrates 43rd Birthday

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  1. Ok, I hate to be mean (hahah, no I dont ) but she looks horriffic. Seriously. Who nose is right. And that shirt (or shirt and bra combo?) looks JUST like something I got from G&G freshman year of college when i realized mommy wasnt monitoring my wardrobe anymore. I went to college in 1997. Pep…please…

    I also have the feeling that she draws in so many random people because she parties so hard. Not to accuse her of anything but the industry is FULL of drugs and if anyone is holdin or got the hookup im sure its Pep.

  2. First of all back in the 80s Pepa’s original bio said she was born in 1961 and Salt in 1964. SHE IS NOT 43 YEARS OLD. They changed their birth years through their publicists sometime in the 90′s– Pepa is 45 years old and Salt is 43.

  3. I truly am sick AND tired of beautiful black women changin’ their noses. Man…WTH!? Pepa aka Sandy had a beautiful nose. Sure it was wide, but it went better than this Lil’ Kim-type nose she got now. I have a wide nose too, but I will leave just like that; God gave me a wide nose for a reason, so I better not mess with it.


  4. She’s changed her birth year several times. On their 1st tape put out Pepa said she was born in 65 and Salt said hers was 1966. And she did have a nice nose, wth is she doing??

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