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Mariah Carey Looks Classy At Glamour’s Women Of The Year Awards

I haven’t seen Mariah Carey in this much fabric since her divorce from Tommy Mottola. She’s looks very nice and classy. Also, honored was Toni Morrison, Noble Prize Winner of Literature, as “The Voice of Our Time“. Toni Morrison is my heroine and inspiration, the first time I read the Bluest Eye, I was hooked. No other author in my opinion can capture the darkness of human life in such a prolific and poetic manner through the use symbolism. Beloved, Sula, and Bluest Eye are my all time favorites, so I am happy that at the age of 76 she is being honored in such high esteem.

mariah carey women Mariah Carey Looks Classy At Glamours Women Of The Year Awards

mariah carey women2 Mariah Carey Looks Classy At Glamours Women Of The Year Awards


Thandie Newton on Toni Morrison: “She squeezes every last drop of power from her words. Reading her is like experiencing the English language for the first time. In person, she has the charisma of a politician and the slink of a movie star.”

 tonimorrison Mariah Carey Looks Classy At Glamours Women Of The Year Awards

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  1. Song of Solomon was righteous!

  2. …you right about that! Maybe Ms. Carey has someone new in her life…she has on clothes and all. lol-

  3. Mariah looks classy here and dare I say glamourous. She needs to go with the “glamour” look more often. She has a beautiful voice and doesn’t need to “not” wear clothes to get attention.

  4. Oh Mariah. You look so nice when you wear clothes your age. Now just have a chitchat with Christina Aguilera and everything will be right with the world.

  5. well, she still looks good… i mean, sometimes to skimpy ass dresses just don’t look right… but then again, sometimes they do… i dunno.


  6. Shockers!!! Yes she does! Whatever brought her to this point, I hope she keeps drinking or smoking it!

    What a beautiful compliment Thandi Newton paid to Toni Morrison, and she’s absolutely correct.

  7. I haven’t seen Mariah in anything but Vienna Sausage-wear in years. Bravo, Mariah!

  8. I still find Mariah Carey to be one of the finest sistahs out there. She has had her issues, but she is still so pretty. Hey…I’d kick wit’ her (but don’t tell my girlfriend I said that-shhhhh). LOL.


  9. @ Anonymous Nupe: I don’t know how I can forget Milkman and the Song of Solomon. She has so many books that are great. I think the only one I haven’t read yet is Paradise.
    @Sheila: I agree with Thandie Newton, of course I am biased

    @ML” Mums the word, I want tell if you don’t tell :), but I think you beat me to it

    @Thembi: “Vienna Sausage Wear” – lol!

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