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Kim Kardashian Playboy Cover Party

Kim Kardshian had a launch party for her spread in Playboy. Her family and friends were at the even to celebrate. Kim’s reason for doing a spread in Playboy is quite simple, “I wanted to do it. I wanted to show that I’m not some skinny girl, I have a healthy body image, and I’m happy with my curves and who I am.” I think she left out the number one reason, money or publicity. Honestly, we can tell by her outfits that she has a healthy body image. I think I have more pictures of her backside than I do her face.

kim k playboy Kim Kardashian Playboy Cover Party

 kim k playboy party3 Kim Kardashian Playboy Cover Party

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  1. I just don’t understand how this woman’s father is a big-time lawyer and Paris Hilton’s parents are wealthy socialites and they let their daughters do this stuff. Don’t the parent’s care about their reputations? Doesn’t it bother them that people are watching their daughters have sex all the time?

  2. No one cares about theese girls that’s why they are like they, they are lacking family love and or values. Who proud about skinning out there bodies.

  3. IMO, Kim’s voice doesn’t match her. I feel like she talking like that on purpose. Her sister Kourtney has a better personality than her.

  4. yo, this chick annoys me the hell out of me. and it just pisses me off that these hollywood trust fund babies are getting this kind of publicity and making money off of bullshit. only if i was a spoiled brat and was ditzy… oh yeah, i think i would have to be a chick that makes a homemade video and sell it to some websites… shit… back to square one.


  5. I’ve seen the episode of “Keeping up With The Kardashians”, when Playboy had asked her to do the photoshoot, she didn’t want to do it at first because of the way she was being portrayed, after the sex tape incident with Ray-J. But basically her Mom advised her to do it. Her mom to me isn’t being a good, mother because normally a good mother wouldn’t want their daughter posing in this type of magazine. But Kim still made the decision to do it. But she wouldn’t take any nudes, but she might as well had if you ask me. lol

  6. @ Lanlan: She didn’t take any nudes on the show, but I saw the pics, she was NAKED!

  7. Kim’s sister is so much prettier and has a much better personality. But then again, Kim is not very difficult to top in the personality area, since she doesn’t have any!

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