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This Why They’re Hot: Pregnancy Edition – Halle Berry & Jennifer Lopez

Only one of these women are claiming to be pregnant, the other one is just gaining a lot of weight in the belly, and wearing maternity like clothing. We all know you are pregnant JLo, the gig is up, so please just confirm the rumors so the paparazzi can leave you alone. I don’t understand why someone would hide such a blessing from God, but maybe that’s just my opinion. Anyway, they both look beautiful and wear pregnancy well.

halle jlo This Why Theyre Hot: Pregnancy Edition   Halle Berry & Jennifer Lopez

halle jlo2 This Why Theyre Hot: Pregnancy Edition   Halle Berry & Jennifer Lopez

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  1. I think that these pictures are dumb. You couldn’t even tell that they were pregnant. I think that people just grasp for something to talk about, and in the end they just look stupid. Sum people just need to get a life. Like, for real though. I just keep people like this lifted up in prayer. May the Lord bless and keep you all forever more!

    • @CeCe
      Why would these pictures be dumb? These two women have had their children since these pictures were taken, Jennifer Lopez had twins, and Halle had a girl. These pictures are from last year. The pictures aren’t dumb. Before you get on your soap box check your facts, first. These people aren’t the ones that need prayer, sweet heart.

    • @ CeCe

      In fact the date in these pictures are October of 2007, while both women were pregnant.

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