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Keyshia Cole Covers Vibe Magazine – December 2007

In an early post we saw Keyshia Cole on Tyra opening up about growing up with a mother on drugs. Ms. Cole has yet another revealing interview in the December issue of Vibe Magazine. I’m not sure why she needs to be topless, but I guess she’s bearing it all, pun intended. To see her candid interview on Tyra, click here. I for one can’t wait for season 2 premier, Tuesday, October 30 on BET at 10:30/9:30.

keyshia cole vibe Keyshia Cole Covers Vibe Magazine   December 2007

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  1. This cover definitely softens her image. She looks good, it’s the best and most feminine I’ve ever seen her look. At the same time, aren’t there some tatoos missing?

  2. They could have done a better job, looks forced. Doesn’t look natural. Nude just because?? I agree with Shelia, the tats are on the wrong arm. Aren’t they?

  3. I’ve never seen her look this great! It’s sexy, but not trashy!

  4. she definitely looks fine, but the pose naked seems a little fake or like lisa c says, it doesn’t look natural. i mean, why is she grabbing herself and squeezing or whatever? lol


  5. It’s about time she ‘s taken some sexy photos. Believe me, before this picture she has been covered like a 1964 mint-conditioned Chevy. Keisha has been very careful not to do anything sexy, for fear of her looks, out shining her voice. Give us more….

  6. dang, why everybody got to do the ame hands on breast pose

  7. Yes, her tattoo has been digitally removed from her left arm to her left one, and the tattoo on her neck has been airbrushed out or just isnt showing because of the angle of the camera, but Im going with the airbrushed theory. I also think she should have closed her mouth, cuz she does have a gap and it doesnt look right in the way she has her mouth. She should have smiled. Also, i dont know why she has to be naked. But like they say, sex sells, so Vibe is just tryna make more people buy they mag, seeing that she is nude, will equal more sells. Shes a great singer and hope to hear her singing hits on the radio for years to come.

    -Keyshia cole fan from ATL

  8. whatz up keshia cole i under stand your problem i bean throw the same think you have ben threw i don’t have a reall mother my mom died wen i was 10.my dad neved cared about me butnow he do i am you bigest fan every i watch you show every day

  9. ih

  10. hi keshia im markita im your favorite fan u are the best dick suckin hoe ever
    my friend wants to take u on a blind
    date to meet mr.jimmy hes ur best friend ur mouth will understand and that phil goal in ur mouth can put me all between

  11. love it but tattos are missing

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